Granite cracks are rare but an experienced stone care company like Fuller Stone Care can fix them

What You Need to Know About Granite Crack RepairGranite is one of the hardest and most durable natural stone materials you can get for your home or business. However, it is possible for granite to crack under certain circumstances. If this happens to you, don’t worry. Your stone is not ruined. You can get an artful granite crack repair plus expert granite restoration from the pros at Fuller Stone Care. Here’s what you will want to know about the process.

Why Did My Granite Crack in the First Place?

Although granite is strong, it is not flexible. This means that if the cabinets beneath your granite countertop or the subfloor beneath your granite tiles shift or settle, the granite will not move with them and may instead crack. Standing on your granite countertops or leaning too heavily on an overhanging granite breakfast bar can also cause cracks. Because granite is a natural stone, some pieces are going to have natural fissures that could be more vulnerable to cracking.

How Are Granite Cracks Repaired?

Granite cracks are repaired using clear acrylic or epoxy that fills in the crack and seals it against dirt and spills. If the crack is large, the filler may be tinted to match the color of the stone.

Do All Cracks Need Repair?

If your granite has just a tiny hairline crack that is not visible unless you know exactly where to look, you do not absolutely have to get crack repair. However, bear in mind that the crack is now a weak point and could potentially get worse if the granite is stressed again in the future.

Can I Use a DIY Granite Crack Repair Kit?

DIY granite chip and crack repair kits are available, but it is typically better to call a professional to help you. That way, you know that:

  • the damaged area will be prepped correctly to receive the repair compound
  • quality repair compounds will be used
  • the compound will be tinted to match your granite perfectly
  • any necessary granite restoration will get done to make your stone look like new

Is Granite Restoration Always Needed After a Repair?

No, but it is usually a good idea. It all depends on the condition of your stone at the time the repair is made. The immediate area of the repair will definitely need some touching up to make sure no residue is left around the crack. It may also be wise to polish and reseal the stone.

Need Advice About Cracked Granite?

If you would like our professional opinion as to the best way to restore your cracked granite, please call us at 855-205-0972. We’ll be happy to send an experienced stone care technician to your property to examine the stone and provide an estimate for the necessary repair and restoration.