Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Granite with Help from Fuller Stone Care

GraniteAdding granite anywhere in your residential or commercial property can instantly boost its value. After all, granite is beloved by many people for its durability and beauty. Granite is actually as hard as a diamond, making it very difficult to scratch. And because it is a quartz-based stone rather than a calcium-based stone, it is able to resist damage from acidic foods and cleaners.

If you have granite on your property, you can rely on Fuller Stone Care to help you care for it. We provide many valuable stone care and maintenance services, as well as expert advice about steps you can take on your own to protect your investment.

Our Professional Granite Care Services

Cleaning: For the most part, granite is very easy to keep clean all by yourself. However, if you have stains or water marks, or if you suspect an inferior sealant was used on the stone in the past, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. At Fuller Stone Care, we know exactly what types of cleaning products and techniques to use to address different needs. You can rest assured we will never damage your stone in an attempt to clean it—as you very easily might if you attempt a DIY job.

Crack Repair: Despite its robust and durable nature, granite can develop cracks over time due to various factors, including stress, impact, or structural shifts. To effectively repair these cracks, we typically clean and dry the affected area, then inject a specially formulated epoxy into the fissure. Once the adhesive has set, the surface is ground flat, polished, and often sealed to restore the stone’s original appearance and prevent further damage. This process ensures both the functional and aesthetic restoration of the granite surface.

Maintenance: Some maintenance tasks can be completed on your own but some require the professional assistance of Fuller Stone Care. To keep your granite looking great for years to come, ask for general tips to maintain your granite. Then set up an ongoing maintenance schedule that includes deep cleaning and re-sealing.

Polishing: Granite should never be polished using a wax or other surface enhancer. Instead, if your granite surfaces are looking a bit dull, you need to get professional granite polishing. At Fuller Stone Care, we can provide the precise level of polishing that may be required to restore a beautiful finish to your stone.

Repair: Granite isn’t immune to wear and damage over time. Common issues like stains, cracks, chips, and scratches may mar its surface. Professional granite repair involves a range of techniques depending on the problem: for minor surface flaws, a polishing method using abrasives might be employed, while deeper imperfections often require filling with color-matched epoxies. Stains can be addressed with specialized cleaning solutions or gentle buffing. After all corrections, sealing the granite is a crucial step to protect the stone from future damage and maintain its pristine appearance.

Restoration: Granite cracks and chips can happen and are unsightly. At Fuller Stone Care, we have highly skilled technicians who can create virtually invisible repairs using high-quality epoxy. This epoxy can be tinted and polished to match the color and finish of your granite.

Sanitizing. At Fuller Stone Care we are proud to say that sanitizing has always been part of our granite cleaning process. By using the right temperature and pressure on our power washers, coupled with the right sanitizing agents, we keep your granite surfaces clean and sanitized for your home or business.

Sealing: Although granite does have a high natural resistance to stains, it is still a good idea to seal the stone. This helps reduce the potential for the stone to absorb water or stain-causing liquids like wine or oil even further. It can also help make granite countertops easier to keep sanitary. At Fuller Stone Care, we use only the best granite sealing products and we guarantee expert application.

Granite Care FAQs

How Do I Clean Granite?

Any granite surface that sees daily use—such as a countertop or shower stall—should be wiped down with warm water and then dried on a daily basis. It is extremely important to avoid using any type of abrasive cleaner on granite surfaces. We recommend cleaning your granite on a weekly basis using a specially formulated product such as “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner.”

Does Granite Have to Be Sealed?

Yes. Like any natural stone, granite has pores that can potentially absorb spills and trap stains. Even if your stone is a “resin-impregnated” granite that has received a pore-reducing treatment at the factory, it still has the potential to stain. For maximum protection, a quality granite sealer is recommended. We also recommend anti-slip sealant to keep your granite flooring as safe as possible.

How Often Is Granite Sealing Needed?

Most granite will need to be resealed every one to two years. But rather than just going by the calendar, we recommend that you test the sealer’s performance to see if resealing is needed. Simply drip water on the stone. If it beads up, your sealer is still working great. If the water soaks in quickly, you should call us about resealing.

What Type of Granite Sealant Is Best?

When choosing a granite sealer, you need to be sure to select a penetrating product rather than a topical one. Penetrating products go into the pores of the stone to protect it; topical products just sit on the surface of the stone and may be damaged by acids or chemicals, potentially creating a cloudy look. Also, if you are sealing a granite countertop, be careful to choose a food-safe, non-toxic product. Fuller Stone Care can recommend an excellent granite countertop sealer.

How Often Will I Need to Polish My Granite?

It all depends on use and care. Due to abrasion, the finish will wear faster in high traffic areas or areas where grit is not cleaned up promptly.

How Much Does Professional Granite Care Cost?

The best way to find out what type of granite care you need and how much it will cost is to contact Fuller Stone Care. We will be happy to provide a free quote. Call us at 855-205-0972 now to learn more.