Granite Crack Repair

Growing Concerns with Granite Cracks

Regardless of where your granite is located—be it countertops, close to the sink, on the floors, or adorning the walls—if you notice a crack or sense one developing, this issue won’t magically mend itself. It requires professional intervention. Falling into the trap of DIY solutions you come across online may only offer you short-lived solutions.

For a reliable and minimally disruptive solution, turn to the expert granite crack repair services at Fuller Stone Care. While granite is known for its sturdiness, it isn’t immune to cracks. When such issues arise, contact us at 855-205-0972 and let our seasoned granite technicians assist you.

Granite Issues Near Your Sink

It’s not uncommon to discover cracks forming near your kitchen or bathroom sinks. The steel rod, which provides support to the granite, can sometimes get exposed to moisture, leading it to rust. Consequently, as the rod rusts and expands, the pressure causes the surrounding granite to crack. These cracks usually appear either at the front or back of the sink, aligned with its front edge.

To address this, we generally employ one of two methods:

  • Steel Rod Replacement: In this method, we carefully remove the damaged granite sections to expose the rusting steel rod underneath. After taking out the corroded parts, we replace them, restore the granite pieces, and use epoxy to seamlessly blend the repaired area with the original surface. While this area might require occasional upkeep, it’s a cost-effective alternative to swapping out the entire granite slab.
  • The Epoxy Injection Technique: Here, we first clean the crack in the granite and dry it using a heat gun. Next, epoxy is injected into the crack, enveloping the rod to reinforce the countertop’s integrity. Once the adhesive sets, we smoothen the surface and polish it. We also employ specialized adhesives and dyes to ensure the restored section closely resembles the original granite hue.

Noticed Cracks on Your Granite Floors or Walls?

Cracks on granite walls or floors might not seem as daunting as those around sinks, but they’re equally concerning. If neglected, an initially minor crack can progressively expand. Think of it like the initial chip on a car’s windshield that keeps spreading without timely repair.

Connect with the Granite Crack Repair Specialists Now

Our experienced technicians at Fuller Stone Care possess both the requisite knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to efficiently mend the fissures in your granite. Dial 855-205-0972 to discuss your granite repair needs with a technician in Southern California or simply drop us a message on our Contact Page. Delaying will only exacerbate the granite issue; act now.