Granite Cleaning

Professional Granite Cleaning Brings Great Results Without Risking Damage

One of the best things about choosing granite is that it is generally very easy to keep clean by simply sweeping on a regular basis. However, there are some instances that may require granite cleaning. If you are in need of quality, affordable services then you are in need of Fuller Stone Care.

We Can Safely Remove Stains and Water Marks

If you have noticeable stains or water marks on your granite then we can help. If you believe that an inferior sealant was used the past, and as a result your granite has become stained, etched, etc., then it is wise to seek professional help. With our years of experience, we know the exact type cleaning products to use and the right techniques that can fix whatever the issue is. You never have to worry that we will damage your granite – as other cleaners may – because we use only safety practices and products.

Call Us Today for a Free Granite Cleaning Quote

Are you curious to know how much it will cost? The answer depends on the square footage of your granite, where it is located, and the condition it is in. The best way to find out how much it will cost to have it cleaned is to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for a free quote.