Slate Cleaning

If You Can’t Get Your Slate Clean Then Call Us for a Clean Slate

One of the many things that makes slate a great choice is that it is easy to keep clean and rarely requires professional cleaning. That said, it does sometimes need the touch of a qualified professional. If you find your slate is in need of a deeper cleaning than you can provide, or if you simply want to schedule ongoing slate cleaning from the pros, reach out to Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for a free quote.

Reasons You May Need to Invest in Slate Cleaning

Slade should not be sealed with wax or other topical treatments but non-professionals do it all the time. If your slate was previously sealed with a product that has now left residue, then professional cleaning is the best way to remove it.

If your slate has become infested with mold, algae, or mildew then professional cleaning is not only the most effective way to clean it – it is the safest. You do not want to risk damaging your slate with aggressive scrubbing. Our cleaning services involve a pressure washer that’s specially tuned to provide enough pressure and heat to get your surface clean – but without damaging it.

You Can Trust Us to Provide a Host of Slate Care Services

At Fuller Stone Care we can certainly help you if you need one-time slate cleaning services. We can also set up a maintenance schedule to keep your slate looking great for years to come. If mold or algae are a problem, then we can lay down a safe material to protect it from further growth.

There are other ways to keep your slate in good shape, such as sealing it. With our unique penetrating sealants, they will be protected deep within the stone. The stone will be able to breath without causing damage or issue, which may be the case if a topical sealant is used.

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