Limestone Sanitizing

Sanitize Your Limestone Surfaces for Your Health and Peace of Mind

Limestone is one of the most porous stones that we work for. As a result, it can allow dirt, bacteria, algae, and other debris to get deep within its pores. The best way to get rid of these issues is to have your limestone professionally cleaned and sanitized. Fuller Stone Care can help.

Sanitizing Can Get Rid of Several Types of Contaminants

When you choose to have your limestone sanitized as part of the cleaning process, we can get rid of surface issues as well as issues deep within the pores of your limestone. If you have exterior limestone that has not been at least sealed (though preferably stained an sealed) then there is a good chance that algae or mildew are growing – even if you can’t see it. During the cleaning and sanitizing process, we can get rid of it.

Pressure Washing is the Best Way to Sanitize Limestone but Only if It is Done Correctly

When it comes to effectiveness when cleaning and sanitizing limestone, nothing is better than pressure washing – but only if it is done correctly. If you get the wrong company to do it, they may turn up the temperature too high or raise the PSI setting beyond 800. Either mistake can lead to serious damage to your limestone.

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