Natural Stone Sealing

Don’t Risk Damage and Future Restorations: Seal Your Natural Stone

Natural stone must be properly sealed if you want it to look and perform its best in the long run – it’s that simple. The bad news is that there are a lot of DIY products that claim to be easy to apply. They claim they work as well as the professional-grade sealants. This is inaccurate.

The truth is that if the wrong product or technique is used, not only will the sealant not properly protect the surface but it can actually result in a dull, hazy appearance. The wrong sealant can prevent the natural stone from breathing as well, which can cause serious damage in the long run.

Our Top-Quality Natural Stone Sealants Are the Best Option

There is no way around it: The top-quality, natural stone sealants available from Fuller Stone Care are the best options you will find. We do not use products that have strong odors you’ll be forced to live with for months. We do not use products made with volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that can potentially damage your indoor air quality. We do not use topical sealants that simply sit on top of the surface.

Instead, we use safe, penetrating sealants that get deep into the stone. They allow it to breath so that you can prevent the hazy, streaky look of topical sealants. We select the perfect product for your specific type of stone and the type of usage it gets.

There Are Many Benefits to Sealing Natural Stone

There are many reasons it’s wise to seal your natural stone. Two of the biggest advantages are the fact that sealed stone is protected and it is more beautiful. The sealant actually reduces the size of the pores of your stone, which means that water, oil, and other contaminants take longer to penetrate and stain the stone.

Second, sealing natural stone helps it look beautiful for years to come. The fact that the pores are reduced also means that dirt cannot be easily trapped – which keeps the surface cleaner for longer. We can use a clear, penetrating sealant that allows the natural look of your stone to show through, or we can add an enhancing sealant that provides a unique color or a glossy wet look.

Third, when you seal your natural stone flooring with slip-resistant sealant, you can reduce the chance of slipping and falling. This keeps you safe, it keeps your family safe, and it can keep guests safe. Businessowners in particular are wise to invest in anti-slip sealing to ensure they do not have liability issues if a person falls on their natural stone flooring.

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