Concrete Sealing

Protect Your Concrete with a High-Quality Sealant

Concrete is strong and durable, but it can also be porous if not sealed correctly. By investing in concrete sealing services, you are assuring that the surface is protected against abrasion, scratches, and other damage. If you are ready to have your concrete sealed, then we welcome your call to Fuller Stone Care at 855-980-7089 for a free quote.

What to Expect from Concrete Sealing

Despite how durable concrete is, it can benefit from the protection of concrete sealing. The right sealant can protect and preserve the color and condition of your concrete. Whether stained or unstained, your bare concrete is vulnerable to damage from exposure to water, oil, and chemicals. When concrete is in high traffic areas, it can quickly have a worn, dull appearance. A number of different types of liquids can stain it.

Concrete sealers make it less absorbent – which reduces the chance that it will be stained. The high-quality sealants we use at Fuller Stone Care also add an extra layer of protection between your floor and the damage that can come from abrasion.

We Offer Matte Finishes and Color-Enhancing Options

We work only with commercial-grade sealants and most often use options with satin finishes. This will enhance the look of your concrete but is not too glossy. If you are looking for a glossier option then we can do that too. Finally, we can also use a penetrating sealer if your concrete has not been stained and you do not want to change the appearance of your concrete.

Our Sealants Are Renewable and Can Be Refreshed

Concrete sealing is not a one-and-done process. The amount of time that passes between resealing will vary depending on the sealant that’s used, whether or not you had the concrete professionally cleaned before it was sealed, and how heavily the concrete is used. You can trust that our sealants are renewable and can be refreshed at affordable costs as time goes on.

Turn to Us for All Your Concrete Sealing Needs

Whether the surface you need sealed is brand-new and needs protection from day one, or you are re-sealing an existing surface, we can help. We begin by ensuring the surface is properly prepared for sealing. We do this with the help of steam pressure washing equipment, when needed, as well as the highest quality, most effective cleaning products.

We work with both commercial and residential properties and can seal concrete in just about any location. Some of the most common areas in which we seal concrete include:

  • Driveways
  • Pool decks
  • Patios

Stay Safe with Our Anti-Slip Sealer

Anywhere you use concrete as flooring, you should have an anti-slip sealer involved. It can help make your flooring safer and easier to walk on. For homeowners, this means improving your family’s safety. For a businessowner, it can reduce liability when you use concrete in your hotel, restaurant, or other public place. We can work with you to find the right non-slip sealer for your needs.

We Can Find the Perfect Sealant for Your Needs

We have years of experience with sealing concrete and we know what works in this area. We know how to assess your concrete, consider your needs, and find the right products. We also know how to complete the process to maximize results and minimize cost. Call Fuller Stone Care today if you are ready to move forward with a concrete sealing project.