Paver Restoration

Fuller Stone Care Can Make Your Dull or Damaged Pavers Look Like New

Accept no imitations: a dedicated stone care contractor like Fuller Stone Care is the ONLY contractor you can count on to restore your pavers to their former glory. Other companies, such as cleaning companies or janitorial companies, may have some products or services to offer, but they certainly cannot compete with the extensive knowledge, specialized products & equipment, and highly trained personnel we have at Fuller Stone Care.

We Restore All Types of Pavers

Having dedicated ourselves to professional restoration services since 1993, Fuller Stone Care knows exactly how to address any kind of dirty, dull, stained, cracked, or chipped pavers. We frequently work on:

We Provide Comprehensive Restoration Services

Cleaning: When it comes to stone restoration, a thorough cleaning is often the best place to begin. We utilize high-quality pressure washing equipment that can be adjusted to the temperature and pressure best suited to the particular surface being restored. This allows us to remove dirt, algae, mildew, and residue left by old surface treatments.

Stain Removal: Sometimes, spots you may have thought were dirt or water marks may actually be stains. Depending on the type and severity of the stain, we may recommend buffing them out with diamond abrasive compounds or lifting them with specially formulated products.

Crack and Chip Repair: Whether your paver has cracked or chipped, or perhaps just has some natural surface imperfections you would like filled, our experienced technicians can help. We use high-quality epoxy that can be tinted and polished match your stone for a virtually invisible repair.

Sealing: In order for the restoration work to last for years to come, it is important to consider the need for sealants. At Fuller Stone Care, we know the best products to use on different materials and in indoor or outdoor settings to preserve the nice clean look of the newly restored stone and help protect it against stains.

It All Starts with an Expert Consultation

The first step in any restoration project is a detailed initial evaluation of your property. This positions us to create and implement a restoration plan designed to obtain optimal results on your specific stonework. Because of this dedication to pre-project planning, you can absolutely count on Fuller Stone Care to get all the necessary work done right the first time.

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