Flagstone Sealing

Sealing Your Flagstone Can Reap Huge Rewards in the Long-Run

When done correctly, flagstone sealing can help your stone look great for many years to come. The bad news if that inferior products or services are used, there is a risk that the stone will be ruined. Why take that risk? Instead, turn to Fuller Stone Care for comprehensive sealant services that will keep your flagstone looking great for years to come.

We Use Nothing but Top-Grade Commercial Sealers

There are literally hundreds of sealants on the market but many of them have serious issues. They may have a strong and unpleasant order or they could have VOCs that pollute your indoor air. Any DIY sealant you use is likely a topical sealant, which just sits on the surface and does not provide total protection like our penetrating sealants do.

Sealing Your Flagstone Protects It

One of the main reasons to consider flagstone sealing is that it will protect it. If water sits on flagstone for prolonged periods of time, and the flagstone is not sealed, it can become damaged. Any type of acid can damage unsealed flagstone. Our sealant process actually reduces the size of the pores to slow penetration and help stop staining.

Sealant Increases the Beauty of Your Flagstone

Another main benefit of sealing your flagstone is that it looks incredible. When you reduce the size of the pores, you are reducing their ability to trap dirt. This not only keeps the surface cleaner for longer, but it makes it easier to clean. We can use a clear, penetrating sealer than does not change the color of finish of your flagstone or you can choose an enhancing sealant that enhances the color.

The Right Flagstone Non-Slip Coating Offers Slip Resistance

Are you worried that you will slip and fall on your flagstone flooring? Then you should talk to Fuller Stone Care right away about options for slip resistance through our non-slip sealer. This not only keeps you safe and secure but can reduce liability issues for homeowners and businessowners.

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