Marble Sealing

Protect Your Marble with Professional Sealing Services

For marble to look its best and remain durable for decades to come, sealing is an essential step. The bad news is that though there are many DIY products on the market, if the wrong sealant is chosen, or the right sealant is applied incorrectly, it can actually ruin your stone.

The good news is that Fuller Stone Care brings you years of experience and the ability to offer nothing but the highest quality products and services. Don’t risk the wrong sealant, which can lead to costly restorations needed to strip away the poor sealer and restore your marble. Call on us today at 855-748-3224 for a free quote.

You Can Trust the Sealers We Use

For those who are not familiar with this field, one of the toughest parts can be narrowing down the hundreds of sealing products on the market to the right choice for their floor. Some of the options are seriously flawed with strong, terrible odors that will stick around for months, or they are made up of toxic volatile organic chemicals that can put everyone in the household in harm’s way.

Likewise, many of these non-commercial-grade sealants are just topical – not penetrating. That means that they will simply sit on the top of your marble. As a result, their protection will not last as long and the sealant will not allow the stone to breath. This can result in hazy or streaking looking marble.

At Fuller Stone Care we are proud to be able to offer the best quality products on the market. We carefully assess your marble, the care it has already received, and the usage it gets. We clean your marble to get rid of any dirt or older surface treatments. We then apply the sealant that, with proper maintenance services, can protect your marble surface for years to come.

Sealing Your Marble Protects the Stone

One of the main benefits of sealing your marble surface is that it is then protected. While marble looks solid and dense, the truth is that it is porous. Water and acid could potentially come into contact with it and stain it at its core. When you seal marble, you are reducing the size of its pores. This slows penetration time and helps prevent it from being stained.

Sealing Your Marble Helps It Look Beautiful

In the long-run, marble sealant helps it look beautiful because the pore sizes are reduced – which prevents dirt from being trapped. In the short-term, we provide a clear sealant that looks incredible and will help your marble shine immediately.

Sealing Your Marble with Slip-Resistant Sealant Makes It Safe

You do not want anyone to slip and fall on your marble flooring, yet if you have a slick surface you could be putting people in danger. In these situations, we recommend anti-slip sealants. At Fuller Stone Care we can recommend the best anti-slip coating that can keep you safe and reduce your liability.

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