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Fuller Stone Care provides a complete range of services designed to keep your stone & concrete looking its best.

Marble, granite, travertine, flagstone, slate, and other types of natural stone make a beautiful addition to any home or business. However, without the proper care your lovely stone can turn into an eyesore surprisingly quickly. This makes it absolutely essential to get professional stone care from a qualified contractor such as Fuller Stone Care.

At Fuller Stone Care, we have many years of experience providing vital stone care services for all kinds of materials. We can help you protect your investment in your natural stone, concrete, or pavers with the following core services:

Concrete Staining: Whether you want to add an upscale finish to new concrete or need to address discoloration in an older surface, concrete staining provides an excellent solution. At Fuller Stone Care we have top-quality concrete staining products suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

Polishing: Our unique dustless grinding and polishing process is the best way to make natural stones like marble, travertine, and terrazzo look new again. We utilize the latest diamond abrasive and nano technology to remove surface imperfections, revealing fresh stone for a bright and even shine.

Sealing: Applying a sealant is essential for protecting certain types of stone and pavers from damage. However, if the job is done poorly, it can ruin the look of your stone. Don’t risk this with a DIY or amateur job! Instead rely on Fuller Stone Care for careful professional sealing using top-quality products.

Restoration: If your interior or exterior stone is dirty, dull, cracked or chipped, we can help. At Fuller Stone Care, we take all stone restoration projects very seriously, with Larry Fuller personally overseeing the work to ensure the stone material is properly identified and the best repair and cleaning procedures are used to obtain optimal results.

Cleaning: We handle all your natural stone and concrete cleaning needs, using specially formulated cleaning products and the latest commercial steam cleaning and pressure washing equipment. We can tackle anything from a small stain on a countertop to extensive algae or dirt buildup on exterior surfaces.

Maintenance: Professional maintenance is essential for protecting your investment in natural stone and preventing the need for extensive restoration work. At Fuller Stone Care, we can provide the necessary maintenance based on the type of stone, location, and level of use. We can also provide expert advice and instruction on how you can care for your stone between professional maintenance visits.

Why Choose Fuller Stone Care

Fuller Stone Care has been serving the restoration needs of clients in the South Bay and Orange County since 1993, and we have the skills and experience required to ensure exceptional results on any type of interior or exterior surface. We use only the best products and techniques and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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