Granite Repair

Transforming Your Granite to Its Original Magnificence

While granite is celebrated for its robust nature, it isn’t completely immune to wear and tear. Instances of stains, scratches, cracks, and chipping suggest that your granite may be in need of a repair. It’s important not to be swayed by internet DIYs for granite repairs—most of these are merely temporary fixes, with issues likely reoccurring, often in more severe forms.

Choose the professional granite repair services at Fuller Stone Care for results that are both efficient and cost-effective. Even the toughest granite can show signs of damage over time. If you observe such imperfections, reach out to us at 855-205-0972. We are here to assist. For a complimentary estimate, you can schedule a consultation or drop a message on our Contact Page.

Addressing Chips & Cracks in Your Granite

Whether on walls, countertops, floors, or around sinks, chips and cracks in granite can emerge due to various reasons. Whenever such issues arise, it’s essential to get in touch with the skilled technicians at Fuller Stone Care for a comprehensive fix. We employ top-notch products and epoxies specifically designed to treat granite without causing any further harm. We’re committed to delivering the desired results!

Our Comprehensive Repair & Restoration Solutions

  1. Deep Cleaning: Especially for outdoor granite, a thorough cleanse using our precision pressure washing gear often suffices to eliminate surface stains, residues from prior treatments, dirt, mildew, and algae.
  2. Stain Elimination: For granite surfaces that are otherwise in good condition, but marred by a few blemishes, our team can assist. Depending on the stain type, we might either use a diamond abrasive compound tailored for granite buffing or rely on our proprietary cleaning products.
  3. Mending Cracks & Chips: When your granite shows cracks, chips, or natural flaws you’d rather not see, our experts are at your service. Typically, our approach involves the application of premium epoxies, which are then color-matched and polished, ensuring a nearly seamless repair.
  4. Polishing: To restore the pristine shine of your granite, we often resort to our dustless polishing technique. This method efficiently eliminates etch marks, dull spots, scratches, and similar blemishes.
  5. Sealing: As a final touch, we seal the granite, thereby minimizing pore size. This not only enhances its resistance to staining but also simplifies the cleaning process.

Place Your Trust in Granite Experts

Our adept technicians at Fuller Stone Care are well-equipped with the expertise and instruments needed to address any granite anomalies. Get in touch with us today at 855-205-0972 to converse with a granite repair professional in Southern California. Alternatively, you can also connect via our Contact Page. Don’t procrastinate; untreated granite issues will only amplify with time.