Is Your Flagstone Looking a Bit Worse for Wear? Rely on Fuller Stone Care to Make It Look Like New

Whether you choose a red, blue, or buff tone, flagstone has a natural beauty and durability that easily explains why it was a favorite building material for British castles starting back in the 13th century. Today, flagstone is a very popular choice for flooring, fireplaces, patios, paths, retaining walls, and more.

Though a variety of different types of sandstones with different mineral contents can fall into the category of flagstone, fortunately all these types of stones require very similar care. At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve been helping residential and commercial clients take excellent care of all kinds of flagstone installations for years. No matter what kind of assistance you need, we are the perfect stone care contractor for the job.

Our Flagstone Care Services

Cleaning: If you have a large expanse of flagstone, it may not be very convenient to clean it yourself. Fortunately, Fuller Stone Care is happy to help. We can provide a thorough cleaning using appropriately formulated cleaners and pressure washers set at a low pressure that will help remove dirt, debris, and even algae without damaging the stone. If you have any stains, we can apply special cleaners to help remove them.

Sealing: Because flagstone is porous, it will absorb water. Depending on the mineral content of your water and the stone, this may result in blemishes. We highly recommend sealing the flagstone to help it repel moisture, as well as to improve the look of the stone. If you prefer a matte look, we recommend a clear penetrating sealer. Alternatively, an enhancing penetrating sealer may be used to create more saturated color with some shine. In either case, we will make sure your flagstone gets treated with a high-quality product that will let the stone breathe and will last many years before needing to be reapplied. We can also add anti-slip sealants to keep your flagstone flooring as safe as possible.

Restoration: If your flagstone is looking rather neglected, trust Fuller Stone Care to bring it back to its former glory. We can provide a complete range of flagstone restoration services, including stain removal, cleaning, and resealing, to make your stone look like new. Because Fuller Stone Care has decades of experience in restoration, you can rest assured your stone will receive expert attention.

Sanitizing. Protect your flagstone, protect your home, and protect your family by choosing sanitizing services to keep your stone clean and safe. Get the peace of mind that your flagstone has been cleaned with hot water, high pressure, and the right sanitizing products for its unique needs.

MaintenanceKeep your flagstone looking great for years to come. While we can restore flagstone that has been neglected, we recommend a regular maintenance schedule to prevent it from getting to this state. We can create a maintenance schedule that works for your needs and your budget.

Our Flagstone Care Tips

Following these tips can make a big difference in who well your flagstone surface weathers.

  • Hose off or mop up spills quickly to prevent staining.
  • Don’t use abrasive or acidic cleaners on flagstone.
  • Dust mop interior floors regularly to pick up sand and grit and prevent scratching.
  • Use doormats inside and outside to help reduce the amount of grit that gets tracked onto the floor.
  • Use a penetrating sealer to help your flagstone repel moisture.
  • Remember that indoor and outdoor stone may require different sealants and that environmental conditions and usage patterns will affect how frequently the sealant must be reapplied.

We Can Help with Many Types of Stone

In addition, we can assist with a variety of services related to other types of stone including:

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