Natural Stone Polishing

We Can Polish Your Natural Stone to Get Back Its Natural Beauty

Many objects you would want to polish would require some type of product to be used. For example, polishing silver requires silver polish. This is not the case with polishing natural stone. Using any type of wax, polish, or other product can actually add a layer of buildup to the stone – which obscures the natural beauty of it. This added layer also allows dust and dirt to collect more easily on the surface.

You Need a Polishing Process – Not a Product

This is why at Fuller Stone Care we always say: You need a process, not a product. Our comprehensive polishing services include:

  • Removing stains, etch marks, scratches, and dull spots.
  • Getting rid of any layers of buildup left behind by older waxes and similar surface treatments.
  • Restoring the natural glossy finish to your natural stone.
  • Tightening the surface pores of your stone – which helps ensure it is easier to clean and maintain in the future.

You Have Access to a Unique Polishing Service with Fuller Stone Care

We have years of experience polishing natural stone. In that time, we have learned how to care for and maintain your stone. Our process personalized to the unique needs of different stones and different clients. We will do what is necessary to get the lasting shine you are looking for. Our polishing process generally involves these steps:

  • Grinding. Getting rid of light surface stains, scratches, etch marks, etc. can often be done by simply grinding the stone down. We will use the exact diamond abrasive compound needed for your stone. We also use a unique dustless process that gives us the precise grind we want without the dust – and without missing low corners on tile floors as other companies may do.
  • Polishing. We use specially-formulated nano abrasive compounds that will get your stone polished to a high gloss or honed finish, depending on what you are looking for. The end result is stone that looks as good – or maybe even better – than it did when it was newly installed.
  • Preventative Care. Depending on how your natural stone is being used, we may recommend services that will keep it in good shape. This may include special treatments to prevent mildew or algae growth, or it may include professional sealing to prevent future etching and staining.

When you choose to work with Fuller Stone Care, you are choosing a company with licensed professionals who are going to treat your property like it’s their own. We do not leave a mess behind and we take special care to protect doorframes, baseboards, and other areas from damage during our work.

Call Now and Request a Free Quote

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