Limestone Sealing

Limestone Sealant is the Easy Way to Protect Your Stone

If you have limestone in your home installed as a countertop or a floor, or if you have outdoor limestone, sealing can be a smart decision. While not right for all applications, limestone sealing can help make the stone less absorbent – which reduces the chances that it will get stained. Call on the experienced professionals at Fuller Stone Care to find out more about your options and to request you free quote.

Don’t Risk a Costly Restoration by Not Sealing Your Limestone

The plain truth is that unsealed limestone is much more likely to become stained or otherwise damaged. If you want to assure that your limestone lasts for years to come then sealing is a no-brainer and well worth the investment. Making this choice today can ensure that you get the most from our limestone service for years.

We Will Find the Right Limestone Sealer for Your Needs

Many homeowners who believe they can handle sealant services on their own are simply overwhelmed by how many products are on the market. The truth is that many of these products can actually do more harm than good. They can have strong odors that last for months and they are often made with volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that can negatively affect air quality.

Not only are the wrong sealants potentially dangerous, but they do not work as well. In most cases, DIY options are topical – not penetrating. This leaves the sealant lying on top of the surface of the stone and does not let the stone breath. This can result in an unsightly film that can only be removed through professional limestone services.

Sealing Your Limestone Beautifies and Protects

There are two main reasons people choose to seal their limestone: It beautifies and protects. If you already love the look of your limestone then you will be even more impressed when it is sealed with a clear product. You will also appreciate that it is less likely to be damaged by liquids and acidic substances.

Try This Simple Test to Determine if You Need Limestone Sealing

There is a very simple water test that can be a good indicator if you need to seal your limestone floors. Drop a few drops of water onto your limestone and leave it alone for five to ten minutes before blotting it dry. If the stone darkened under the water then you know it was absorbed. If the stone returned to its natural color within a few minutes then you may not need to seal it at this time – but if it stayed dark longer then sealing is recommended.

Anti-Slip Sealing Can Protect You, Your Family, and Your Guests

Finally, consider that adding a non-slip coating to your limestone flooring can help protect you from slips and falls. What’s more, it can help protect you from a liability standpoint. The last thing you want is for someone to injure themselves on your property. A non-slip sealer can help prevent this issue.

Call Us Now and Request a Free Quote

If you are interested in sealing your limestone surface then we urge you to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for your free quote. We can also provide a host of other services not just for limestone but for other natural stones.