Paver Sanding

Sanding Pavers is an Essential Part of Any Cleaning or Restoration Project

Many people have no idea that there is sand between their pavers. While it may not be visible, it serves an essential purpose: It creates an interlock that holds your pavers tightly together. After cleaning or restoring your pavers, it is often wise to re-sand them to ensure they stay in position.

There Are Several Reasons You May Need to Invest in Re-Sanding Services

At Fuller Stone Care, we often recommend sanding when you have your pavers pressure washed or restored, as mentioned above. However, those are not the only situations that may warrant sanding services. If you have any invasive element in your pavers, such as weed, moss, or mold, then re-sanding may be necessary.

Sanding Keeps Your Pavers Structurally Sound

The first step in sanding is for us to clean your pavers and between them thoroughly. We then install new polymeric joint sand. This includes polymers that harden when they set, which helps prevent weeds and insects from damaging your pavers. If this process is not completed or is not done thoroughly, the result can be moving, shifting, and shaking pavers.

Call Today for Sanding Services on New or Old Pavers

Whether you are setting brand-new pavers and need professional sanding services, or you have existing pavers that need to be re-sanded, you can trust Fuller Stone CareReach out to us today at 855-205-0972 to request your free quote. We look forward to keeping your pavers in great shape for years to come!