Fuller Stone Care is the Ideal Stone Care Contractor to Meet the Special Needs of Slate

SlateTo look at slate today, you’d never guess this beautiful stone was once nothing more than ancient mud. But the legacy of that ancient mud is important—it gives slate its dense, non-porous composition and makes it highly resistant to stains and etching. The way slate was formed is also responsible for its sheet-like cleavage planes that can easily be split into tiles.

The durable nature of slate, as well as its varied and appealing color palette, has made this stone a popular choice for many different interior and exterior applications, including walls, flooring, fireplaces, countertops, patios, walkways, and even roofing shingles.

With just a little bit of professional attention, slate can remain beautiful for decades. At Fuller Stone Care, we know exactly what kind of care slate needs and we can provide the services you want at a highly competitive price.

Our Slate Care Services

Cleaning: Professional cleaning may occasionally be needed for slate. Possible examples might be if you need to have an old wax or topical treatment removed from your stone, or if you have a mold or algae problem on a slate patio or walkway. In either case, Fuller Stone Care can provide the careful cleaning you require. When pressure washing is required, we are careful to choose a safe temperature and pressure that will not damage the slate.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance of your slate surface includes regular cleaning and sealing when necessary. We can create a maintenance program that works for your budget and your slate’s particular needs.

Restoration: If your slate looks dull, faded, or washed out, Fuller Stone Care can rejuvenate it with expert restoration services. Larry Fuller will create a specific restoration plan tailored to your exact situation. Typically, all that is needed to get your slate looking like new is a bit of cleaning, measures to minimize scratches and repair chips, and the application of a new layer of high-quality enhancing sealant.

Sanitizing: The density and low porousness of slate means that it requires special care. As a homeowner or business owner, you undoubtedly want to assure that your property is as safe and sanitary as possible. Sanitizing your slate is one of the ways to do that. We can help create the right plan for your specific needs.

Sealing: Since slate is very dense, has low porosity and resists staining well, it doesn’t really need to be sealed from a maintenance point of view. However, you may want to use an enhancing sealer for its aesthetic value. The sealer will give the stone a “wet” look, making its color more intense. At Fuller Stone Care, we provide superior slate sealing services using top-quality products. We always make sure the slate is clean and dry before applying the sealant to make sure it adheres properly. If you have slate flooring, we can add an anti-slip sealant that can help protect you, your family, and all guests to your home or business.

Our Slate Care Tips

Though slate is highly resistant to staining and etching, it is still recommended to mop up spills quickly—especially if it is an oily spill

  • Dust mop your floors regularly to pick up sand and grit and prevent scratching
  • Use doormats inside and outside to help reduce the amount of grit that gets tracked onto the floor
  • Never use waxes or floor polishes to try to give your slate a shiny finish–only use enhancing sealers specifically intended for slate
  • Remember that indoor and outdoor stone may require different sealants
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners on slate

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