Concrete Staining

There Are Many Reasons to Stain Your Concrete

Concrete staining is an incredible option if you want to add personality, appeal, and visual interest to your concrete. It can also be an appealing option for other reasons. Read on to learn why we recommend it to many of our clients. If you are interested in learning more or are ready to get started with a free quote, contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972.

Concrete Staining Looks Incredible

Concrete stain brings rich color coupled with translucent tones – which creates a sense of depth to the surface of your concrete. This is much more attractive than the flat, opaque look of painted concrete. We use only UV stable water-based stains. This gives you a huge palette of colors to choose from and ensures that they are consistent. We can also blend and / or layer colors if you want a custom color or effect.

Concrete Staining Lasts for Years

The concrete stains we use do not just sit on top of your concrete. Instead, they penetrate the surface. This leaves them resistant to flaking, chipping, and peeling. We use UV stable stains so that your concrete will be resistant to fading as well. In most cases, we recommend completing the project with concrete sealing to further assure it resists abrasion.

Concrete Staining is Efficient and Affordable

We can complete most jobs in just two days. Larger jobs may take a day or two longer but we will still provide incredibly efficient service. You will also appreciate how affordable the service is. It is a very cost-effective option to achieve a high-end look on your concrete. For example, let’s say you don’t have the money to invest in a brand-new pool deck. When you instead choose concrete staining, you’ll have concrete that is cleaned, restored and stained for just a fraction of what it would have cost to replace it.

Turn to Us for Help with All Types of Concrete Surfaces

You can trust the experience and expertise of Fuller Stone Care to help with any type of concrete sealing project. Whether we are working on a driveway, patio, or pool deck, we have you covered. Whether your job is residential or commercial, we are up for the challenge. No matter what type of concrete service you are in search of, or what type of stone you need help with, Fuller Stone Care is here to help. Call us now at 855-205-0972 for a free quote.