Granite Sealing

Sealing Beautifies and Protects Your Granite Surfaces

If you want your granite to be as durable as possible, to look as beautiful as it can, and to stay free from stains for years to come, then sealing is a must. The bad news is that the wrong products or methods can actually ruin the look of granite. The good news is that Fuller Stone Care provides affordable, safe, and effective methods of granite sealing.

You Can Trust Us to Use Only Commercial-Grade Sealants

You can buy sealants at your local hardware store but they do not come close to matching the quality of the sealants we use at Fuller Stone Care. When you pick up a sealant on your own, you are taking a serious risk. These DIY products often have strong smells and are often made with VOCs that create unhealthy indoor air conditions.

It is also common for DIY products to be topical rather than penetrating. This means that instead of penetrating deep into the granite, they just sit on the surface. Not only does this mean they do not last as long but these topical sealants can actually prevent the stone from breathing – which can damage your granite.

There Are Three Main Benefits of Granite Sealing

When you seal granite, you get two main benefits:

  1. Protection. Granite may be a solid, durable material but it is easier for water or acids to damage it than you may think. Sealing it reduces the porosity of the stone by filling the pores with the sealer, and helps to coat the exposed minerals. The result? Slower penetration time for liquids and less of a chance of staining.
  2. Beauty. No matter what type of sealant you use, it is likely that it will make your granite look more beautiful. This is because all sealants shrink granite’s pores – which reduces the chance of dirt being trapped. We generally recommend a clear penetrating sealant for granite. This does not change the color or the finish so that the natural beauty can shine through.
  3. Slip resistance. You want to be safe and secure in your own home but if you are slipping and sliding on your granite floor, you could easily be injured. You will appreciate that our granite sealant is an anti-slip sealer that can help keep you safe and reduce your liability in the event another person is injured.

Does Your Granite Need to Be Sealed?

If you are not sure if your granite is due to be sealed, try the water test. Start by dripping a small amount of water on an out-of-the-way area of your granite. Let it sit for ten minutes and then blot it dry. Has the stone darkened where the water was? Then water has been absorbed. This is fine as long as the stone goes back to its natural color in two or three minutes. If it does not, then it is time to Call us for sealing.

We Are Here to Provide a Free Quote for Granite Sealing and More

At Fuller Stone Care we are proud to offer a wide range of natural stone services for granite and other materials. If you are in need of sealing, cleaning, maintenance, or any other service, contact us at 855-205-0972 now for your free quote.