What Exactly Are Professional Stone Polishing Services?

If you’re polishing silver you’d need to use some type of silver polish. This isn’t true of polishing the types of natural stones that Fuller Stone Care works with, including terrazzo, travertine, and marble. In fact, if you use any type of product on these stones, you could end up with a bad situation. These products can actually make your stones collect dust and crime easier.

That’s why we don’t use a polishing product – we use a specific polishing process. This process gets your stones looking incredible and works wonders.

Our polishers have a five-point plan

When our staff visits your home, there will be five things on the list of things to do when polishing your stones:

  1. Removing all stains, dull spots, scratches, etch marks, etc.
  2. Getting rid of buildup from waxes or treatments that may have been used on the stone.
  3. Restoring the original gloss to the stone.
  4. Brightening the room with the new shine.
  5. Tightening the pores on your stone so it’ll be easier to clean and maintain.

Our polishing process is unique

At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve been polishing stones for a lot of years and in those years we’ve gained a lot of expertise. Our process will be tailored to your exact needs and will include each and every service that your natural stones may need to ensure they’re shining for a very long time. Your process may include:

  • Grinding. Getting rid of scratches, stains, and etch marks can typically be done by carefully grinding your stones. We use the exact diamond abrasive compound that’s meant for your stones and we do so with a unique dustless process. Some companies miss low corners but our process ensures that we’re getting our job done evenly and precisely.
  • Polishing. We use a special compound that’s formulated for your exact stones. Depending on the type of stones you have, it’ll be a high gloss or a very honed finish. One thing is for sure though – your stones will look as good or better than when they were new.
  • Advice on maintenance. Some stones require ongoing care to ensure they keep their shine. If that’s the case with your stones, then we’ll provide the expert advice you need. For example, we may offer treatment options to prevent mildew growth, or we may recommend professional sealing to prevent future staining and etching.

If you choose to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972, you’ve chosen a company that only works with licensed professionals. We will treat your property as though it’s our own, taking special care to protect your doorframes, baseboards, and the rest of your home. Or unique dustless grinding also ensures you won’t end up with dust all over your home. Call us today to get your quote.