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Trust Fuller Stone Care to protect your stone, concrete, or pavers with professional sealing.

SealingMany types of natural stone—as well as concrete and pavers—need to be properly sealed in order to look and perform their best. Unfortunately, when the sealing work is done with the wrong products or techniques, the look of the stone can be spoiled. You may even end up in need of significant restoration work to strip away the bad sealer and refinish the stone.

Why risk it?

Simply rely on Fuller Stone Care for expert sealing work.

At Fuller Stone Care, we have been sealing stone, concrete and pavers for many years. We know from experience what products and techniques work best on different materials and in different applications*. Whether you are interested in sealing a marble countertop in your home or a high-traffic stone floor in your business, we can handle the job with ease.

We Only Use Top-Grade Commercial Sealers

There is an overwhelming variety of sealing products on the market. Unfortunately, many of them have serious flaws. They may have a strong odor or even pollute your indoor air with unhealthy VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Another potential problem is that many DIY products are topical sealants rather than penetrating sealants. This means they just sit on the surface of the stone, preventing the stone from breathing and potentially creating an unsightly hazy or streaky look.

When you trust Fuller Stone Care with your sealing project, you can rest assured we will select the correct products for your needs, based on the type of material and whether it is an interior or exterior application*. We will clean your stone thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt or old surface treatments and ensure you get the best possible benefit from the sealant.

*Please keep in mind that all work performed will require maintenance. Please consult your Fuller Stone Care technician for our maintenance programs.

Benefits of Sealing

Sealing stone, concrete, or pavers has two main benefits:

Protection: Natural stone, concrete, and pavers may look quite solid and dense, but they are actually porous. The more porous the material, the easier it is for water or acids to contact and react with minerals in the stone and create stains. By sealing the stone, you can reduce the size of the pores and coat the exposed minerals. This slows penetration time and helps prevent staining.

Beauty: Any type of sealant is going to make your stone look more beautiful, simply by reducing pores’ ability to trap dirt and making the surface easier to clean. When sealing marble or granite, you typically want to use a clear penetrating sealer that will not change the color or finish of the stone. However, with other types of stone or with concrete or pavers, you can use an enhancing sealant designed to provide a glossy, “wet” look and/or enhance the color of the material.

How to Tell Your Stone Needs Sealing

The simplest way to tell if your stone needs sealing is to do a “water test.” Just drip a small amount of water on the stone, let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes, and then blot dry. If the stone has darkened where the water drops were, you know a bit of water has been absorbed. As long as the stone returns to its normal color in 2 to 3 minutes, you shouldn’t worry. But if the water was absorbed really quickly and the stone stayed dark longer, you need sealing.

Get a Free Quote on Sealing

If you would like our honest, professional opinion on a potential sealing project, please call us at 310-944-9099. We will be happy to provide a free quote for professional sealing or recommend a product for you to use on your own if appropriate.

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