We Are Not Just Another Natural Stone Care Company – Learn What Sets Us Apart

When it comes to stone polishing services in California, you have plenty of options. We at Fuller Stone Care understand that you have a lot of options, but there are a few things that set us apart from the competition. Continue reading to discover more about them, then call us at 855-205-0972 to schedule your free estimate.

Our grinding method

If you have etch marks, stains, or scratches on your stone, grinding may be able to remove them. This only applies to very minor stains, etch marks, or scratches, and it necessitates extremely precise grinding, which can only be done by a professional stone polishing business. One of our responsibilities is to ensure that the proper method and materials are used. It’s important to keep in mind that not all stones require the same diamond abrasive chemicals. That’s why we double-check to make sure we receive the proper one for your exact stone.

Furthermore, our grinding process is completely dust-free. This is a unique feature of our services that allows us to grind evenly and precisely across the entire surface. Low corners on your tile floors aren’t something we miss. Other tile restoration firms, unfortunately, frequently do so, simply because they lack the necessary instruments and competence to give proper grinding services.

Our polishing method

Grinding can help remove blemishes from your stones, but polishing is what makes them shine and appear amazing. We employ a specially developed product at Fuller Stone Care. It’s a nano abrasive that polishes your stone to the finish you choose, whether it’s a high gloss finish that reflects your reflection or an honed finish that seems more natural. Our expertise enables us to make your polished stone seem as beautiful as – and sometimes even better than – when it was first installed.

We provide a variety of preventative care choices

We’ll come out to grind and polish in some circumstances, and you’ll be good to go. In some situations, depending on the type of stone you have and how you wear it, we may recommend a few additional services to keep it in good form for as long as possible.

A specific treatment, for example, can assist prevent algae and/or mildew from growing. This is a frequent recommendation for customers who want to use stone in high-moisture areas, such as a shower or a pool deck. A professional sealer for marble and other porous stones is another example. It can assist in the prevention of etching and stains.

We have learnt how to repair and preserve every type of stone you can imagine over the course of our many years in business. Every job is tailored to the specific requirements of the stones we’re working with. Depending on the kind, age, and use of the stone, we will utilize different processes and materials.

Call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 to learn more about how you may say hello to gorgeous stones. We will gladly give you with a no-obligation quote.