Cleaning Slate Flooring Requires a Special Skillset: We Can HelpDid you know that the slate flooring in your home is actually just hardened ancient mud? That’s why slate flooring has a composition that’s both dense and non-porous – and it’s also why it’s so resistant to being stained, etched, or chipped. The natural formation of slate also lends it its sheet-like planes that can so easily be split into tiles.

As a result of how durable slate is, many people have used it for a wide range of surfaces, both interior and exterior. For example, it’s been used for walls, fireplaces, flooring, roofing shingles, countertops, walkways, patios, and just about any other surface you can think if. When properly cleaned and maintained, slate can stay beautiful for decades – but that assumes you’re working with the right stone care company.

We provide comprehensive slate care services

When you work with Fuller Stone Care, you can count on comprehensive services. First, we offer professional cleaning. This is only needed occasionally due to specific situations. For example, if your stone had a wax or topical treatment used on it, then you may want it removed. Depending on the location of your slate stone, you may have issues with mold or algae, both of which we can take care of. One option is pressure washing, which requires us to use the right temperature and pressure to ensure the slate isn’t damaged.

We can also help with sealing. Due to the dense nature of slate, and the fact that it’s so non-porous, it’s hard to stain slate. As a result, it’s not typically necessary to seal it for maintenance purposes but some homeowners like the look of sealed slate. Essentially, it makes it look wet and makes its colors more intense. We can provide sealing services using only the highest quality products.

Finally, if your slate has seen better days and has started to look washed out, dull, faded, or otherwise worse for wear, we can provide comprehensive restoration services. We use a specific restoration plan that’s made specifically for slate and for whatever situation you’re dealing with.

We can provide tips to care for slate

Even though slate is very resistant to staining and chipping, we still recommend that you immediately mop up any spills – especially if what you’ve spilled is oily at all. We also recommend mopping floors regularly to get rid of sand and grit that could eventually scratch the flooring. Doormats inside and outside the room with slate can help lower how much grit gets on the floor in the first place.

Don’t use waxes or floor polishes. Slate should only have an enhancing sealer put on it, and that sealer should be made specifically for slate. Professionally sealing is best. Remember that where the stone is located – whether indoors or outdoors – can affect what type of sealing is needed. Never use an abrasive cleaner on slate.

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