Learn how to keep your travertine looking its best.

Travertine Care Do’s and Don’tsIt’s easy to be intimidated by the prospect of caring for natural stone in your home or business. After all, that stone was expensive and you don’t want to mar your investment. But in reality, stone care is easy when you follow a few simple tips, such as these do’s and don’ts for travertine care.

Do Seal Your Travertine: Because travertine is a porous stone, it needs to be sealed to protect it against absorbing liquids that could stain it. Sealing is especially important for honed or tumbled travertine, because these types of stone have larger pores than polished travertine and are more vulnerable to staining.

Do Blot Up Spills Immediately: Sealing will dramatically slow the rate at which travertine absorbs liquids, but it will not make it 100 percent stain-proof. You still need to be careful to clean up any spills right away. When the spill is something acidic, such as wine, coffee, tomato sauce, etc., you need to be especially careful to clean up quickly, since acids can etch or dull the stone.

Do Clean Gently: The majority of your travertine cleaning can be done with nothing more than a dust mop or a damp sponge or soft cloth. If you have a stubborn mess to clean up, you should use a stone cleaner specially formulated for travertine.

Do Use Coasters & Trays: Using coasters under drinks on travertine counters and table tops and trays under toiletries on travertine vanity tops helps protect against the possibility of an acidic drip or spill leaving an etched ring on the stone.

Do Use Doormats: If you have travertine floors, you need to be aware that dirt, grit, and sand tracked in on shoes can scratch and abrade the stone over time. Having doormats can help minimize the amount of grit that gets tracked through your property.

Don’t Use Generic Cleaners: You should never use anything but plain water and high-quality stone cleaner on your travertine surfaces. Generic cleaning products may contain abrasives that can scratch and dull the finish or chemicals that can cause etch marks or degrade the sealant on the stone.

Don’t Use Wax or Polish: If your travertine surfaces have lost their shine, coating them with wax or polish isn’t the answer. You need to get professional travertine polishing from a company like Fuller Stone Care. We have the right equipment to grind away the dull top surface of the stone and create a new, perfectly finished surface.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone to Care for Your Travertine: Many janitorial companies claim to have the ability to clean natural stone floors and other stone surfaces, but when your stone is at stake, you really should choose a dedicated stone care contractor like Fuller Stone Care. We know the right products and the right techniques to use on your travertine, guaranteed. To request a quote or schedule service, please contact us at 855-205-0972.