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Preserve and protect the natural beauty of your travertine with Fuller Stone Care

TravertineTravertine has a subtle beauty that is much appreciated by designers who want to work in an understated palette of earthy tones, without creating a bland or boring look. The unique color variations in every piece of travertine certainly add plenty of interest to any surface.

Unfortunately, if you are not careful to take proper care of your travertine, it could lose its appeal rather quickly. After all, travertine is a soft, calcium-based stone that is vulnerable to scratching, staining, and etching.

The good news is, Fuller Stone Care can provide the expert advice and assistance you need to keep your travertine looking its best in both interior and exterior applications.

Our Professional Travertine Care Services

Cleaning: Travertine is a somewhat popular material for bathroom tiles, and unfortunately sometimes mold can thrive on the stone in this moist environment. If this has happened to your travertine, Fuller Stone Care can help. We know how to safely and thoroughly clean travertine to remove mold without damaging the stone.

Sealing: Like any porous stone, travertine should be sealed to help reduce the pore size of the stone and help make it easier to clean. At Fuller Stone Care, we are experts in travertine sealing. We use only the best products and our application techniques are unparalleled.

Polishing: Whether your travertine has a honed finish or a polished one, eventually the stone may become scratched, worn, or etched and require refinishing. Using the latest tools and equipment, including diamond and nano abrasive polishing compounds, Fuller Stone Care can remove imperfections and give your travertine a fresh look.

Repair: Because travertine is soft and features many natural holes (which are often filled at the factory), it does occasionally require repair. Fuller Stone Care can help by filling any chips or holes with a specially formulated epoxy that has been tinted to match your stone. Yes, there are DIY kits for travertine repair, but you really should leave this delicate task to the pros.

Travertine Care FAQs

Does Travertine Have To Be Sealed?

YES. Travertine is a soft, porous stone that absolutely needs the protection of a sealant. While sealing your travertine will not make it immune to staining or etching, it will help reduce the risk of this kind of damage—provided of course that you clean up any spills from the stone promptly.

How Often Is Travertine Sealing Needed?

Travertine sealing is recommended at least once per year. You may want to reseal twice per year if you have a light-colored stone or if your stone gets a lot of use.

What Type of Travertine Sealant Is Best?

You definitely want to look for a penetrating or impregnating travertine sealant as opposed to a topical sealant. Topical sealants just sit on top of the stone, preventing the stone from breathing and potentially creating an unsightly cloudy or hazy film on the stone. Penetrating sealers enter the pores of the stone for better protection without changing the appearance of the stone. At Fuller Stone Care, we have a favorite travertine sealer that we recommend to all our clients. This sealer is highly resistant to peeling and flaking, and because it can bond with itself there is no need for stripping when you need to reseal the stone.

What’s the Difference Between Natural Travertine and Filled Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone naturally deposited at mineral springs. This process has left lots of small holes in the stone. In natural travertine, these holes are left as is. In filled travertine, the holes have been filled in at the factory. While natural travertine tends to be harder to clean, filled travertine does add to your maintenance because the holes will need to be refilled and repaired occasionally.

What’s the Difference Between a Honed, Polished, and Tumbled Travertine?

Honed travertine has a softer, satiny finish, and because it already has more of a matte look, any etch marks or scratches will be much less noticeable. This is the type of travertine that is most commonly used for travertine flooring and travertine showers.

Not all types of travertine are hard enough to accept a polished finish. Those that are can be given a slightly smaller surface pore size than honed travertine, which provides better resistance against absorption and staining.

Tumbled travertine is the most rustic-looking option. This type of travertine has a dull finish and typically has not been filled. This makes it harder to keep clean as the various divots and imperfections will trap dirt.

How Often Should Travertine Be Polished?

There is no hard and fast rule for how often you should get travertine polishing to restore a honed or polished finish on your stone. As soon as you are unsatisfied with the look of the stone, you should consult a professional stone care contractor like Fuller Stone Care for advice about polishing. Your travertine floors will hold their finish longer and better if you are careful to maintain them properly by keeping them clean and free of grit and by resealing them periodically.

How Do I Care for A Travertine Shower?

The main problems you may encounter in a travertine shower are soap scum, mold, and etching. To prevent these, we recommend using a squeegee after every shower to remove excess water from the stone. You can also dry the stone with a towel. Soap scum can be avoided by switching to a liquid body wash instead of a bar soap.

Once a week, we recommend using a travertine cleaner such as our “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner.” Remember, abrasive cleaners and acidic ones can both damage travertine and should never be used.

If you already have a mold problem, Fuller Stone Care can provide expert deep cleaning to remove the mold, as well as special biocide treatments to help keep mold or mildew from returning.

How Much Does Professional Travertine Care Cost?

The best way to find out what type of stone care you need for your travertine and how much it will cost is to contact Fuller Stone Care. We will be happy to provide a free quote. Call us at 310-944-9099 now to learn more.

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