Learn how to keep your granite shower and bathroom tiles looking like new

Tips for Maintaining a Granite ShowerThe good news is, caring for your granite shower is actually really easy. You simply need to make the effort to consistently follow these tips:

Spray: Every time you take a shower, take a moment to spritz your granite with a shower spray specially formulated for natural stone. This will help prevent soap scum or mildew from building up to a level where it becomes too hard for you to clean on your own. It also helps reduce water spots.

Squeegee: It’s not really a good idea to allow standing water to sit on your granite tile. So after you’ve showered and used your spray, use a squeegee to remove excess moisture from the tile. This will remove enough water to make it safe to air dry.

Scrub: Hopefully, your granite tile was installed with a mildew- and stain-resistant grout. Even so, you will need to clean your grout periodically. Make sure you use a non-abrasive, non-acidic cleaner that is safe for stone, and then scrub the grout lines gently with a toothbrush. Rinse with water and then dry with a soft towel.

Seal: When your granite shower was installed, it should have been treated with a sealant designed to help shrink the pores in the stone and protect against water penetration and staining. Sealant needs to be re-applied every 12 to 18 months to keep your granite looking new, and to make it easier to keep clean. For best results, get a professional stone care contractor like Fuller Stone Care to handle your granite sealing.

Want to Cut Down on Cleaning Time?

Allowing soap scum to build up is one of the fastest paths to ugly granite. Soap scum comes from the ingredient that makes bar soap solid. So if you’re tired of dealing with soap scum, switch to a liquid soap or shower gel. You can be a little lazier with your daily cleaning this way.

Need Help with Stubborn Mildew or Stains?

If you have fallen behind on your granite care and your stone has developed stains, mildew, or a general dull appearance, don’t worry. Fuller Stone Care can help. We offer expert granite revitalization services including professional deep cleaning, polishing, and refinishing. Give us a call at 855-205-0972 to learn more.