Learn why professional polishing is the best way to shine your natural stone floors.

The Right and Wrong Way to Polish Stone FloorsHave your marble, travertine, or terrazzo floors lost that high-gloss shine you used to love? Unfortunately, this type of dulling of the stone is to be expected after prolonged use, especially in high traffic areas. The good news is, you can give your floors a like-new shine with a good polishing.

The key is…

…you must be doing the correct type of polishing.

There is in fact a right way and a wrong way to polish stone floors. If you polish the wrong way, you may get a temporary shine only to invite more problems down the line. But if you do it the right way, you’ll get a lasting shine that lets the natural beauty of your stone shine through.

Don’t Use Wax or Polishing Products

Often, when a floor has lost its shine, property owners assume they need to apply wax or some other type of surface product. After all, this is what you would do with a wood floor. But when it comes to marble floors, applying wax or polish is actually not a good idea.

One potential problem is that the wax can actually make the floor look duller in the long run. How? By attracting and holding dust and grime. This creates a dingy film over the stone that will affect its color. This will be most obvious on white or light-colored stones.

Even if you are careful to keep your floor scrupulously clean, certain types of wax may yellow over time or become clouded by contact with various types of spills. One final issue is that wax can make an already slick stone floor even more slippery, which could result in injury.

Do Get Professional Stone Polishing

The correct way to restore your marble, travertine, or terrazzo floor’s shine is with professional polishing. This service removes any and all surface imperfections and leaves you with a fresh, shiny new surface that is easy to clean and will stay shiny for a good long while if you take care to protect it from grit.

At Fuller Stone Care, we have a unique process for polishing natural stone that enables us to deliver the best quality results to our clients. We begin by examining the stone to see if any stains need to be addressed. Then, we use a diamond grinding compound to even out any scratches or stubborn stains on the surface of the stone. A nano abrasive polishing compound is used next to deliver the fresh new finish for the stone. We can provide either a honed finish or a high gloss polish. We work wet for a dustless experience, and as soon as the floor is dry we apply an appropriate sealant to help protect your newly polished floor.

If you would like a free quote on polishing for your stone floor, please contact us at 855-205-0972.