Travertine Polishing in Yorba Linda CA

Trust our experienced crews for exceptional travertine polishing in Yorba Linda CA

Over time, even the most carefully maintained travertine floor can start to look dull and dirty. If you’ve stopped getting the results you want from travertine cleaning, it’s time to invest in travertine polishing in Yorba Linda CA.

Here’s What Travertine Polishing in Yorba Linda CA Can Do:

  • Remove stains, scratches, etch marks, and dull spots
  • Eliminate any buildup from previously used waxes or surface treatments
  • Restore the original glossy finish to your natural stone
  • Tighten the surface pores of the stone for easier cleaning and maintenance

Key Steps in Our Travertine Polishing Process

Unlike your average janitorial company (who may try to “polish” stone by applying a wax or coating to it), Fuller Stone Care understands the right way to do travertine polishing in Yorba Linda CA. In fact, we have our own special process incorporating the best tools and techniques for the job. We will of course tailor our services to the condition of your stone and your goals for its appearance. But in general, travertine polishing includes the following steps:

Grinding: Our technicians will carefully examine your travertine to identify any etch marks, scratches, or light surface stains that need to be removed. Because we use a wet diamond sand to grind away surface imperfections, we do not create a big, dusty mess on your property like other companies do.

Polishing/Honing: Next, we will give your travertine a new finish using specially formulated nano abrasive compounds. This finish can either be a shiny, polished finish or a more matte honed finish.

Sealing: In order to ensure the results of your travertine polishing in Yorba Linda CA last as long as possible, you need to seal the stone. Since travertine is highly porous, it always needs to be sealed in order to make it less absorbent and less vulnerable to the kinds of stains and etch marks you just has us polish out of it.

Trust Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Fuller Stone Care, our business is built on repeat clients and referrals from satisfied clients. This means we really care about your satisfaction and we strive to provide the best possible travertine polishing in Yorba Linda CA every time. We are careful not to damage any part of your property while working or while getting to the area to be serviced, and we always clean up after ourselves.

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