Granite Sealing in Yorba Linda CA

Protect your stone from staining with our professional granite sealing in Yorba Linda CA

Granite Sealing in Hermosa Beach CAAt Fuller Stone Care, we want property owners to feel comfortable using and enjoying their granite surfaces, without fear of daily use causing damage. Professional granite sealing in Yorba Linda CA is very important for achieving this goal.

Now You May Wonder…

How Can I Tell If I Need Granite Sealing in Yorba Linda CA?

Different types of granite have different mineral compositions, which is why some types of granite definitely need granite sealing in Yorba Linda CA, and others may be dense enough to resist most water damage and staining without it. You will definitely want to get your granite sealed when it is first installed. Then, depending on how much you use the stone, it will need to be resealed every few years.

The best way to determine if your granite needs sealing or resealing is to do a “water test.” Simply let a small puddle of water sit on the stone for 15 minutes. Wipe up the water and look carefully at the color of the stone beneath. Is it darker than the surrounding stone? If so, this means your granite does not have adequate protection and needs to be sealed.

Because each individual stone will take sealant a bit differently, you may get just 1 year of protection or 5 or more from each application of sealant. We recommend using this test to identify resealing needs to make sure you seal no more or less often than is needed.

What If My Granite Was Pre-Sealed?

Some types of granite have been “pre-sealed” at the factory with a resin-impregnation process. However, this does not necessarily mean your granite is protected from stains. Most factories will polish the stone after pre-sealing it, which can open up the surface pores and make the stone vulnerable to water damage and stains.

If you want, we can come take a look at your stone to confirm whether or not it requires granite sealing in Yorba Linda CA.

Why Choose Fuller Stone Care

Though many years of professional experience, Fuller Stone Care has identified the very best products for granite sealing in Yorba Linda CA. We even have non-toxic products that are excellent for kitchen counters. You can trust our experienced workers to apply the products correctly and leave your property tidy. If you are interested in doing your own resealing in the future, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate products along with tips for their use.

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