Limestone Sealing in Tustin CA

Protect the beauty of your stone with professional limestone sealing in Tustin CA

As a sedimentary rock, limestone is formed when layers of sand, mud, and calcium-containing shells get compacted under the weight of water over eons. This process leaves lots of interesting fossils in the stone, but it also creates an unlimited variety of pore sizes and shapes. All these pores can easily trap dirt and liquids, unless you protect your stone with limestone sealing in Tustin CA.

Benefits of Limestone Sealing in Tustin CA

Limestone sealing in Tustin CA helps reduce the size of surface pores and other voids in the stone. This gives you more time to clean up spills before the stone can absorb the liquid, making it less likely your limestone will be marred by stains, water marks, or etch marks. Smaller pores also means that there are fewer chances for dirt and dust to get ground into the stone. Your stone will be easier to clean and less prone to abrasion damage.

Find the Best Quality Sealants at Fuller Stone Care

Trying to do your own limestone sealing in Tustin CA can be intimidating for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that there are tons of different products you might use. Why not just leave it all up to the experts? At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve been sealing limestone for decades, and we know from experience which products work best for indoor and outdoor use. You can trust us to choose a sealant that is:

Penetrating: Topical sealants coat the surface of the stone, resulting in a layer that might be sticky or hazy, or even cause damage to your stone by trapping in moisture. We use penetrating sealants specifically designed for limestone. These products will soak into the pores of the stone rather than just sitting on top.

Low VOC: We prefer to use low-VOC products for limestone sealing in Tustin CA, which helps protect your family and our workers from exposure to potentially hazardous vapors.

Fast-Curing: Many jobs can be completed with either oil-based or water-based sealants, the main difference being curing time. We will consult with you to choose the product you prefer.

Renewable: When it comes time to reseal your stone, you’ll be glad we used a renewable product that can be applied year after year with no stripping between layers.

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