Granite Sealing in Tustin CA

Protect your stone from staining with our professional granite sealing in Tustin CA

Granite Sealing in Hermosa Beach CAAt Fuller Stone Care, we want property owners to feel comfortable using and enjoying their granite surfaces, without fear of daily use causing damage. Our professional granite sealing in Tustin CA helps make this happen.

Now You May Wonder…

How Can I Tell If I Need Granite Sealing in Tustin CA?

You may have heard that granite doesn’t actually need sealing because it is a naturally dense and stain-resistant stone. But remember, there is a huge variety of granite out there and many varieties do need the additional protection provided by granite sealing in Tustin CA. Sealing should be done when the stone is first installed and at regular intervals thereafter.

Before sealing or resealing your stone, you may want to use this quick test to check its absorbency. Simply drip a small amount of water on the stone and leave it there for 15 minutes. When you wipe up the water, the stone underneath should appear unchanged. If it is discolored, this means moisture can penetrate and your stone needs sealing.

This test is an excellent way to tell when your stone needs to be resealed. We highly recommend resealing based on the results of this test, rather than just automatically resealing your stone every year.

What If My Granite Was Pre-Sealed?

Some suppliers sell resin-impregnated granite that they advertise as being “pre-sealed,” but this does not necessarily mean the stone is stain-proof without additional sealing. Why? Because pre-sealed granite is treated before it is polished. Polishing opens up the pores in the stone and leaves it vulnerable to absorbing liquids, which can create stains or etch marks.

If you want, we can come take a look at your stone to confirm whether or not it requires granite sealing in Tustin CA.

Why Choose Fuller Stone Care

There’s a reason Fuller Stone Care is considered the top stone care provider in the South Bay & OC–we know our stuff. We only use the best quality products for granite sealing in Tustin CA and we will never try to oversell you on services you don’t need. If you would like to reseal your granite yourself in coming years, please let us know. We can sell you top-quality products and provide guidance on how to use them correctly.

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If you suspect you need granite sealing in Tustin CA to protect your stone, please do not hesitate to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. We will be happy to provide an estimate for the work, and most projects can be scheduled within 2 weeks of your call.