Travertine Sealing in Seal Beach CA

Protect your stone with professional travertine sealing in Seal Beach CA

Travertine has a great deal of natural beauty. While this creamy stone is not exactly low maintenance, the good news is you do not have to spend your own time and effort on stone care. Instead, you can rely on the professionals at Fuller Stone Care to provide the travertine sealing in Seal Beach CA and other stone care services needed to help keep your stone in top condition.

Why Seal Your Travertine

Travertine is a soft, porous, calcium-based stone that is vulnerable to staining and etching if it absorbs liquids. The pores can also trap lots of dirt and dust. By using a penetrating sealer, you can create a layer of protection on the stone that will help keep it looking more pristine. In most situations, an annual sealing is sufficient to provide protection. But if you have a very light-colored stone, or if your travertine is in a high-traffic location, you should consider resealing twice per year.

Now You May Wonder…

Do I Really Need Professional Travertine Sealing in Seal Beach CA?

It is of course possible to do your own travertine sealing in Seal Beach CA. But remember, the DIY approach isn’t necessarily going to give you the results you expect. You could easily make mistakes in the process, which will cost additional time and money to correct.

Trust Your Stone to the Pros at Fuller Stone Care

Fuller Stone Care has been taking the stress and hassle out of stone care since 1993. We know from experience how to provide top-quality travertine sealing in Seal Beach CA. We’re confident you’ll be fully satisfied with our work because:

  • We Deep Clean Your Stone Before Sealing: If your travertine is dirty before you seal it, it’s going to look dirty forever. At Fuller Stone Care, we know the best methods for cleaning travertine–including stain removal.
  • We Use the Best Quality Products: For stunning stone, you absolutely must use the correct type of sealer. Whereas a topical sealant would just sit on top of the stone, plugging all the pores and potentially creating a cloudy or hazy look, the penetrating sealants we use soak into the pores to provide protection while still letting the stone breathe. Our sealant is extremely resistant to peeling and flaking. It is also renewable so you can reapply it each year without stripping the old sealer away first.
  • We Have Conscientious Crews: Our stone care specialists have been carefully trained in the best methods for travertine sealing in Seal Beach CA. You can trust them to provide superior quality work and pay careful attention to your satisfaction every step of the way.

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