Limestone Sealing in San Pedro CA

Protect the beauty of your stone with professional limestone sealing in San Pedro CA

Most limestone is made of calcium carbonate from shell and coral bits that sank to the bottom of ancient sea beds and got compacted into rock. The compaction process results in an irregular mineral structure with a huge variety of pore sizes and shapes. The best way to reduce the tendency for these pores to collect dirt and absorb liquids is to get limestone sealing in San Pedro CA.

Benefits of Limestone Sealing in San Pedro CA

Limestone sealing in San Pedro CA helps reduce the size of surface pores and other voids in the stone. This reduces the absorbency of the stone, which is very important for protecting against the damage that would otherwise result from the stone absorbing water or various liquids that might leave a stain. Sealing also makes limestone easier to clean, since less dirt will be able to collect in the pores and voids of the stone.

Find the Best Quality Sealants at Fuller Stone Care

Trying to do your own limestone sealing in San Pedro CA can be intimidating for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that there are tons of different products you might use. Why not just leave it all up to the experts? After many years of experience,Fuller Stone Care knows the best sealants to use on interior and exterior limestone. We will make sure your stone is sealed with a product that is:

Penetrating: Topical sealants coat the surface of the stone, resulting in a layer that might be sticky or hazy, or even cause damage to your stone by trapping in moisture. We always use penetrating sealants that go into the pores of the stone to create a deep bond that will not change the color or finish of the stone.

Low VOC: Some sealants are high in VOCs, which is not only unpleasant due to strong odors, but also potentially hazardous to your health. We make every effort to choose safer, low-VOC products for limestone sealing in San Pedro CA.

Fast-Curing: Often, oil-based and water-based sealants will work equally well on your stone. The main difference is water-based stains will dry faster and allow you to use your stone sooner.

Renewable: When it comes time to reseal your stone, you’ll be glad we used a renewable product that can be applied year after year with no stripping between layers.

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