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Restore the beauty of your stone with professional travertine cleaning in Rolling Hills CA

In order to get the full visual impact from the creamy, earthy tones of your travertine, you have to keep it free from dirt, scratches, and stains. Unfortunately, DIY travertine cleaning often ends in disaster, as the stone can easily be damaged by acidic or abrasive cleaning products. Fortunately, you can turn to Fuller Stone care for professional travertine cleaning in Rolling Hills CA guaranteed to restore the beauty of your stone without damaging it.

Trust Fuller Stone Care with All Your Travertine

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in travertine cleaning, we know the correct products and techniques to use to remove stains, etching, and dirt from all kinds of travertine, such as:

  • Natural travertine
  • Filled travertine
  • Honed travertine
  • Polished travertine
  • Tumbled travertine
  • Residential & commercial installations

In cases of light soiling, we can simply use our “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner” for travertine cleaning in Rolling Hills CA. If stains or etch marks are present, we can remove them with specially formulated poultices or grinding & polishing.

Special Services for Travertine Bathroom Tile

Without constant care, travertine in wet areas like showers and bathrooms can easily become etched, moldy, or cloudy with soap scum. Fortunately, Fuller Stone Care excels in the specialty travertine cleaning in Rolling Hills CA needed to refresh bathroom tile. We also offer treatments to help prevent mold from regrowing.

Make Your Travertine Cleaning in Rolling Hills CA Last

In order to keep your stone looking is best for as long as possible after travertine cleaning in Rolling Hills CA, you may want to consider investing in travertine sealing. Sealing will make the stone less absorbent, which helps prevent etching and staining and also makes the stone easier to clean. Other ways to keep your travertine looking its best include wiping down and drying tile any time it gets wet, and using our Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner about once a week.

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