Limestone Sealing in Redondo Beach CA

Protect the beauty of your stone with professional limestone sealing in Redondo Beach CA

Most types of limestone are formed by the compaction of ancient sediments in areas that were once covered by shallow seas. Due to the way limestone is made, it is typically very porous. Plus, the pores are interconnected making the rock permeable as well. Limestone’s pores will absorb liquids and trap dirt extremely easily, unless you invest in limestone sealing in Redondo Beach CA.

Benefits of Limestone Sealing in Redondo Beach CA

The purpose of limestone sealing in Redondo Beach CA is to help fill in the pores and voids located on the surface of the stone. Smaller pores mean slower absorption of any liquids that might come in contact with the stone. This will help prevent issues such as water damage, staining, and etching from contact with acidic compounds. Sealing also makes limestone easier to clean, since less dirt will be able to collect in the pores and voids of the stone.

Find the Best Quality Sealants at Fuller Stone Care

Rather than try to find the right products and techniques for limestone sealing in Redondo Beach CA on your own, it’s best to simply ask the pros. At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve been sealing limestone for decades, and we know from experience which products work best for indoor and outdoor use. We are careful to select the best quality products that are:

Penetrating: Topical sealants can keep stone from breathing, resulting in issues with discoloration. We use penetrating sealants specifically designed for limestone. These products will soak into the pores of the stone rather than just sitting on top.

Low VOC: We prefer to use low-VOC products for limestone sealing in Redondo Beach CA, which helps protect your family and our workers from exposure to potentially hazardous vapors.

Fast-Curing: Many jobs can be completed with either oil-based or water-based sealants, the main difference being curing time. We will consult with you to choose the product you prefer.

Renewable: Resealing your stone is quick and easy when renewable sealers are used. These sealers can be reapplied over themselves, with no stripping process between applications.

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