Travertine Polishing in Palos Verdes CA

Trust our experienced crews for exceptional travertine polishing in Palos Verdes CA

Has your travertine floor taken on a dull, mottled look that no amount of cleaning seems to improve? The problem isn’t dirt. It’s simply that the stone’s honed or polished finish has been worn away in spots by abrasion or by contact with acidic or staining substances. Fortunately, you can easily give your floor a makeover with travertine polishing in Palos Verdes CA.

Here’s What Travertine Polishing in Palos Verdes CA Can Do:

  • Remove stains, scratches, etch marks, and dull spots
  • Eliminate any buildup from previously used waxes or surface treatments
  • Restore the original glossy finish to your natural stone
  • Tighten the surface pores of the stone for easier cleaning and maintenance

Key Steps in Our Travertine Polishing Process

At Fuller Stone Care, we have created a special process for travertine polishing in Palos Verdes CA based on our many years of experience. We will of course tailor our services to the condition of your stone and your goals for its appearance. But in general, travertine polishing includes the following steps:

Grinding: The first step to restoring a beautiful finish is identifying problem spots like stains, scratches and etch marks. We will pretreat stains as needed. Because we use a wet diamond sand to grind away surface imperfections, we do not create a big, dusty mess on your property like other companies do.

Polishing/Honing: Next, we will give your travertine a new finish using specially formulated nano abrasive compounds. This finish can either be a shiny, polished finish or a more matte honed finish.

Sealing: We highly recommend applying a sealant after travertine polishing in Palos Verdes CA. Since travertine is highly porous, it always needs to be sealed in order to make it less absorbent and less vulnerable to the kinds of stains and etch marks you just has us polish out of it.

Trust Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Fuller Stone Care, we are passionate about customer satisfaction. We make sure our technicians are highly trained to provide the best travertine polishing in Palos Verdes CA and friendly and courteous to provide the best customer service. We are always respectful of clients’ property and we never leave a mess for you to clean up.

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