Travertine Cleaning in Orange County CA

Restore the beauty of your stone with professional travertine cleaning in Orange County CA

In order to get the full visual impact from the creamy, earthy tones of your travertine, you have to keep it free from dirt, scratches, and stains. This can be challenging to do on your own, since travertine is a relatively soft stone that can easily be damaged by overaggressive cleaning. The best way to get safe and effective travertine cleaning in Orange County CA is to leave the job to the pros at Fuller Stone Care.

Trust Fuller Stone Care with All Your Travertine

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in travertine cleaning, we know the correct products and techniques to use to remove stains, etching, and dirt from all kinds of travertine, such as:

  • Natural travertine
  • Filled travertine
  • Honed travertine
  • Polished travertine
  • Tumbled travertine
  • Residential & commercial installations

In cases of light soiling, we can simply use our “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner” for travertine cleaning in Orange County CA. If stains or etch marks are present, we can remove them with specially formulated poultices or grinding & polishing.

Special Services for Travertine Bathroom Tile

Keeping your travertine bathroom tile clean can be tedious. If you fall behind you can easily develop problems like mold, soap scum, and etch marks. Fuller Stone Care is here to help with specialized travertine cleaning in Orange County CA. We have professional cleaning equipment to blast away soap scum and mold, and we can buff out etch marks as well.

Make Your Travertine Cleaning in Orange County CA Last

At Fuller Stone Care, we want you to love your stone. This means we don’t just provide travertine cleaning in Orange County CA; we also help you understand what it takes to keep your stone looking its best. You can rely on us to provide honest and accurate information about services like travertine polishing and travertine sealing and the specific benefits for your stone. We can also teach you the best way to care for a travertine shower to keep it clean and beautiful.

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