Manhattan Beach CA

The northernmost of LA’s three South Bay beach cities, Manhattan Beach CA is known for its amazing ocean views. In some areas, even inland properties enjoy views thanks to their position atop the remnants of the rolling sand dunes that once made up all of Manhattan Beach CA. Today visitors can see the last remaining exposed sand dune in the city at Sand Dune Park. Manhattan Beach CA has many distinctive neighborhoods, each with their own unique flair. But one thing they all have in common is salty sea air. To counteract the effect of this air on your natural stone, turn to Fuller Stone Care. Whether you are looking to restore old stone that has become dull or damaged, need a routine cleaning, or want to get your stone or pavers sealed to prevent damage, we can help. We have experience with all kinds of indoor and outdoor stone including marble, travertine, slate, terrazzo, flagstone, limestone, and granite.