Patio Sealing in Lomita CA

Fuller Stone Care provides expert patio sealing in Lomita CA for natural stone, concrete, and pavers

Whether you have a commercial or a residential property, a patio can provide an excellent venue for outdoor entertaining or relaxation. The only trouble with outdoor living spaces is how quickly they can get dirty. Patio sealing in Lomita CA can help with this issue. Once sealed, your patio will have improved protection against:

  • Water damage
  • Chemical damage
  • Stains
  • Abrasion
  • UV damage
  • Wear and tear

However if you use the wrong sealer, your patio could actually look worse than before. Fortunately, you don’t have to risk DIY sealing mistakes. Fuller Stone Care can help you get your patio sealed correctly every time.

Quality Patio Sealing in Lomita CA for Every Surface

At Fuller Stone Care, we have professional quality products and processes for all kinds of patios. This includes different types of natural stone as well as pavers and concrete. We can also direct you to the best options for your needs in terms of factors like cost, ease of application, curing time, performance, lifespan, and more.

For example, for natural stone patio sealing in Lomita CA, we recommend a penetrating sealant that will let the natural beauty of the stone shine through, rather than creating a hazy, yellowed layer that would obscure the stone.

Why Choose Fuller Stone Care

We’re Experienced: Fuller Stone Care has been providing patio sealing in Lomita CA and other stone care services since 1993. During that time we’ve developed a reputation as the #1 stone care contractor in the South Bay and OC.

We’re Licensed: We hold a valid state contractor’s license, which is proof of our commitment to professionalism in all our work. We have full coverage liability insurance, but we’ve never had to use it because our crews are very careful.

We Care About Your Satisfaction: We want every patio sealing in Lomita CA to be perfect, and we work hard to make this happen. For example, we provide all necessary cleaning services prior to sealing. We off a total satisfaction guarantee on the quality of our patio sealing.

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