Travertine Sealing in Irvine CA

Protect your stone with professional travertine sealing in Irvine CA

Do you have travertine in your home or business property? This type of stone is very beautiful, but it does require routine care to keep it that way. One of the most important services you need to be investing in on a regular basis is Travertine sealing in Irvine CA.

Why Seal Your Travertine

Travertine is a highly porous and absorbent stone. It also contains lots of natural fissures and voids, which can trap additional dirt, dust, and liquids, potentially resulting in discoloration and staining. When a sealant is applied, it coats the pores of the stone, reducing their size. This makes the stone less absorbent, less likely to stain, and easier to clean. Most travertine floors will need sealing at least once per year. We can help you create a schedule for resealing based on your specific situation.

Now You May Wonder…

Do I Really Need Professional Travertine Sealing in Irvine CA?

If you’re trying to save money, you might at first think it is a smart move to do your own travertine sealing in Irvine CA. However, the DIY approach often leads to errors. You might use the wrong product or apply it incorrectly, resulting in a streaky, cloudy finish that needs to be stripped away and redone by professionals later.

Trust Your Stone to the Pros at Fuller Stone Care

Fuller Stone Care has been taking the stress and hassle out of stone care since 1993. We know from experience how to provide top-quality travertine sealing in Irvine CA. We’re confident you’ll be fully satisfied with our work because:

  • We Deep Clean Your Stone Before Sealing: Any dirt or stains that are on your stone at the time of sealing will get trapped there once the sealer dries. This makes it extremely important to get the stone as clean as possible before beginning work. At Fuller Stone Care, we know the best methods for cleaning travertine–including stain removal.
  • We Use the Best Quality Products: The quality of your travertine sealer is obviously going to have a huge impact on the appearance of your stone. At Fuller Stone Care, we never use topical sealants that can create a cloudy film on top of the stone. Instead, we use a penetrating sealant that enters the pores of the stone to provide protection without changing the stone’s appearance. Our sealant is renewable so there is no need for stripping when it is time to reseal the stone–we simply reapply the sealant.
  • We Have Conscientious Crews: Our stone care technicians are highly trained and experienced in travertine sealing in Irvine CA. You can trust them to provide superior quality work and pay careful attention to your satisfaction every step of the way.

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