Travertine Sealing in Fullerton CA

Protect your stone with professional travertine sealing in Fullerton CA

Do you have travertine in your home or business property? This type of stone is very beautiful, but it does require routine care to keep it that way. One of the most important services you need to be investing in on a regular basis is travertine sealing in Fullerton CA.

Why Seal Your Travertine

Because travertine is a porous stone, it stains and collects dirt easily. By using a penetrating sealer, you can create a layer of protection on the stone that will help keep it looking more pristine. Most travertine floors will need sealing at least once per year. We can help you create a schedule for resealing based on your specific situation.

Now You May Wonder…

Do I Really Need Professional Travertine Sealing in Fullerton CA?

If you’re trying to save money, you might at first think it is a smart move to do your own travertine sealing in Fullerton CA. However, if you take this approach you risk making mistakes that could negatively affect the appearance of your stone and result in the need for costly restoration work.

Trust Your Stone to the Pros at Fuller Stone Care

At Fuller Stone Care, we understand the right way to do travertine sealing in Fullerton CA. You can rely on us for exceptional results every time because:

  • We Deep Clean Your Stone Before Sealing: When it comes to travertine sealing, it is extremely important to start with clean stone. Otherwise, you risk all kinds of dirt and stains getting trapped in the sealant and spoiling the look of your stone. We will carefully examine your stone to locate any stains and use appropriate poultices to remove them. Then, we will gently clean the entire surface with our specially formulated “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner.”
  • We Use the Best Quality Products: For stunning stone, you absolutely must use the correct type of sealer. You can trust us to choose the right sealer for your travertine, based on the type of finish you have and the level of use your stone gets. We always use penetrating sealers that will allow the stone to breathe, which prevents the surface of the stone from developing a cloudy or yellowed appearance. Our sealer can bond with itself on each application, which eliminates the need for stripping layers of sealant between applications.
  • We Have Conscientious Crews: Our stone care technicians are highly trained and experienced in travertine sealing in Fullerton CA. We strive to treat every client’s property like our own and we will never leave a mess when work is finished.

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