Granite Sealing in Fullerton CA

Protect your stone from staining with our professional granite sealing in Fullerton CA

Granite Sealing in Hermosa Beach CAAt Fuller Stone Care, we believe that if you have granite in your home or business, you deserve to use and enjoy it without worrying that you’re going to damage it. Professional granite sealing in Fullerton CA is very important for achieving this goal.

Now You May Wonder…

How Can I Tell If I Need Granite Sealing in Fullerton CA?

Different types of granite have different mineral compositions, which is why some types of granite definitely need granite sealing in Fullerton CA, and others may be dense enough to resist water damage and staining without it. Most experts–including Fuller Stone Care–recommend sealing all stone upon installation and resealing every few years.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to tell if your granite needs to be sealed or resealed. Just leave a small puddle of water on the stone for 15 minutes. Wipe up the water and look carefully at the color of the stone beneath. Is it darker than the surrounding stone? If so, this means your granite does not have adequate protection and needs to be sealed.

Because every piece of granite is different, we highly recommend using this test to identify resealing needs rather that automatically resealing every year.

What If My Granite Was Pre-Sealed?

Some suppliers sell resin-impregnated granite that they advertise as being “pre-sealed,” but this does not necessarily mean the stone is stain-proof without additional sealing. The stone was almost certainly polished AFTER the treatment, which would open up the pores again and potentially make it vulnerable to absorbing liquids.

When the beauty of your stone is at stake, you don’t want to take chances. So rather than guessing at your stone’s needs, just call Fuller Stone Care. We’ll provide our honest professional opinion regarding the need for granite sealing in Fullerton CA.

Why Choose Fuller Stone Care

There’s a reason Fuller Stone Care is considered the top stone care provider in the South Bay & OC–we know our stuff. We only use the best quality products for granite sealing in Fullerton CA and we will never try to oversell you on services you don’t need. If you are interested in doing your own resealing in the future, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate products along with tips for their use.

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