Travertine Cleaning in Cypress CA

Restore the beauty of your stone with professional travertine cleaning in Cypress CA

Travertine is a lovely natural stone that can add a lot of beauty and value to your property–at least as long as you keep it clean and in good condition. If you use the wrong cleaning products, attempts to improve your travertine could actually result in damage including stains, scratches, and etch marks. Fortunately, you can turn to Fuller Stone care for professional travertine cleaning in Cypress CA guaranteed to restore the beauty of your stone without damaging it.

Trust Fuller Stone Care with All Your Travertine

At Fuller Stone Care, we offer professional travertine cleaning services backed by over 20 years of experience. We can clean:

  • Natural travertine
  • Filled travertine
  • Honed travertine
  • Polished travertine
  • Tumbled travertine
  • Residential & commercial installations

Our “Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner” product is ideal for travertine cleaning in Cypress CA because it is non-abrasive and non-acidic. We also have various poultices to assist with stain removal.

Special Services for Travertine Bathroom Tile

Caring for a travertine shower or other travertine bathroom tile requires constant vigilance. If you slack in your duties, you could easily end up with mold, soap scum, and etching. If this has happened to you, it’s time for professional travertine cleaning in Cypress CA. Fuller Stone Care has a specific protocol for tackling travertine bathroom tile problems, and we can even offer biocide treatments to help deter future mold growth.

Make Your Travertine Cleaning in Cypress CA Last

In order to keep your stone looking is best for as long as possible after travertine cleaning in Cypress CA, you may want to consider investing in travertine sealing. We use penetrating sealants that will provide protection against etching, stains, and dirt accumulation without creating a cloudy appearance. Other ways to keep your travertine looking its best include wiping down and drying tile any time it gets wet, and using our Natural Stone Cleaner and Conditioner about once a week.

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