Limestone Sealing in Anaheim Hills CA

Protect the beauty of your stone with professional limestone sealing in Anaheim Hills CA

Most types of limestone are formed by the compaction of ancient sediments in areas that were once covered by shallow seas. This process leaves lots of interesting fossils in the stone, but it also creates an unlimited variety of pore sizes and shapes. Limestone’s pores will absorb liquids and trap dirt extremely easily, unless you invest in limestone sealing in Anaheim Hills CA.

Benefits of Limestone Sealing in Anaheim Hills CA

By investing in limestone sealing in Anaheim Hills CA, you can reduce the size of the pores that are exposed on the stone’s surface. This gives you more time to clean up spills before the stone can absorb the liquid, making it less likely your limestone will be marred by stains, water marks, or etch marks. Smaller pores also means that there are fewer chances for dirt and dust to get ground into the stone. Your stone will be easier to clean and less prone to abrasion damage.

Find the Best Quality Sealants at Fuller Stone Care

Trying to do your own limestone sealing in Anaheim Hills CA can be intimidating for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that there are tons of different products you might use. Why not just leave it all up to the experts? At Fuller Stone Care, we’ve been taking care of all kinds of limestone installations since 1993. We’ve had plenty of time to identify the best sealants for specific situations. We are careful to select the best quality products that are:

Penetrating: Sealants may be topical or penetrating. Topical sealants form a layer on top of the stone, which can cause discoloration and prevent proper vapor transmission through the stone. We always use penetrating sealants that go into the pores of the stone to create a deep bond that will not change the color or finish of the stone.

Low VOC: Sealants that contain Volatile Organic Chemicals create lingering odors and may be hazardous to your health. We prefer to use more eco-friendly products for limestone sealing in Anaheim Hills CA.

Fast-Curing: Often, oil-based and water-based sealants will work equally well on your stone. The main difference is water-based stains will dry faster and allow you to use your stone sooner.

Renewable: We use renewable sealants that can be reapplied as needed over the years, with no need for stripping in between layers.

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