Granite Sealing in Anaheim Hills CA

Protect your stone from staining with our professional granite sealing in Anaheim Hills CA

Granite Sealing in Hermosa Beach CAGranite can be beautiful, but it can also be intimidating. You may be concerned that using the stone will result in damage. Fortunately, with professional granite sealing in Anaheim Hills CA, you don’t have to worry about harming your stone. Instead it will be protected and prepared to withstand years of daily use.

Now You May Wonder…

How Can I Tell If I Need Granite Sealing in Anaheim Hills CA?

Granite is a fairly dense stone, so many granite slabs will already have good protection against moisture penetration and staining. However, in most cases granite sealing in Anaheim Hills CA is still needed for the ultimate protection. For best results, it’s typically advisable to seal any new granite you have installed. Then, depending on how heavily the stone is used, it may need to be resealed every few years.

To see if your granite needs to be sealed or resealed, simply check its absorbency by letting a small amount of water sit on the granite for 15 minutes. When you wipe up the water, the stone underneath should appear unchanged. If it is discolored, this means moisture can penetrate and your stone needs sealing.

This test is an excellent way to tell when your stone needs to be resealed. We highly recommend resealing based on the results of this test, rather than just automatically resealing your stone every year.

What If My Granite Was Pre-Sealed?

Even resin-impregnated “pre-sealed” granite may need additional sealing. The stone was almost certainly polished AFTER the treatment, which would open up the pores again and potentially make it vulnerable to absorbing liquids.

If you want, we can come take a look at your stone to confirm whether or not it requires granite sealing in Anaheim Hills CA.

Why Choose Fuller Stone Care

At Fuller Stone Care, we have many years of experience in the care and maintenance of granite and other natural stone. This means that you can trust us to select the best products for granite sealing in Anaheim Hills CA and apply them correctly. If you would like to reseal your granite yourself in coming years, please let us know. We can sell you top-quality products and provide guidance on how to use them correctly.

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