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Expect Nothing but the Best When You Work with Fuller Stone Care for Mable Polishing in Aliso Viejo CA

You don’t have to live with dull travertine. You don’t have to look at a dirty, dinghy floor every time you walk into your home. There are options – including travertine polishing in Aliso Viejo CA. If you are tired of trying to clean your travertine with minimal results, or you are seeing wear and tear that you can’t seem to repair, then it is time to contact Fuller Stone Care for help.

Be Ready to Appreciate These 4 Advantages of Travertine Polishing in Aliso Viejo CA

If you decide to turn to Fuller Stone Care for travertine polishing in Aliso Viejo CA you will see a number of benefits. For most homeowners or business owners, these are the top results:

  1. The removal or significant reduction of stains, etch marks, scratches, and dull spots.
  2. Restoration of the original finish of your stone.
  3. Elimination of buildup from previous surface treatments.
  4. Tighter pores that make it easier to clean and maintain your travertine.

If you have special needs for your natural stone then we are happy to find the right protocol to ensure you get the results you want.

We Use a 3-Step Process for Travertine Polishing in Aliso Viejo CA

Though every job we do is a little different, and we will make adjustments to the protocol if your project requires it, there are generally three steps involved in travertine polishing in Aliso Viejo CA.

  1. Grinding to remove etch marks, scratches, and more. First and foremost, we will find the problem areas such as etch marks, stains, and scratches. If needed, we will pretreat these stains. The next step is to grind away just enough of the stone that a fresh surface is revealed. We use a dustless grinding process that utilizes wet diamond sand.
  2. Polishing and / or honing the stone. Generally, we will next polish your stone, though if you would prefer a honed finish then we will hone at this step.
  3. Finishing with a strong sealant. This is not a requirement, but we strongly recommend that you follow travertine polishing with sealing. This helps make the stone less absorbent and can help prevent stains in the future.

If you need services you don’t see listed here, or you have questions about any of these services, we look forward to helping you.

Your Next Step is Calling Us for a Free Quote for Travertine Polishing in Aliso Viejo CA

Are you ready to find out how much it will cost to invest in travertine polishing in Aliso Viejo CA? Are you looking for the best possible results for an affordable price? We can help. Contact us at 310-944-9099. Our experienced technicians have the right resources, tools, and experience to beautify your travertine.

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