Professional Sealing Services Can Protect Your Concrete, Stone, or Pavers: Learn How

There are many flooring types that need to be sealed to look their best and last as long as possible. this is true of natural stones in particular, as well as pavers and concrete. The bad news is that not just any sealant will do. When the wrong product is used, or the right techniques aren’t followed, the job won’t be done correctly at all and it can end up worse than if it weren’t sealed. This may even lead to the need for stone restoration.

Think of your stone, concrete or pavers as investments – and protect those investments

You may try a do-it-yourself sealing project but why risk it when you can simply call Fuller Stone Care and have the job done the right way? We have the experience to choose the right products and we know the techniques that work best for every flooring type. Whether you want to seal your countertop or a floor, we can help. Call us today at 855-205-0972 for a free quote.

There are several reasons that sealing can pay

There are two big benefits of choosing to seal your concrete, stone, or pavers: Protection and beauty. It’s true that these substances may look as though they’re completely solid but in fact they’re porous. The more porous they are, the more likely it is that water or acids will react with the minerals within the stone – this is where staining comes from. That said, when you seal the stone, the pores are much, much smaller and the minerals are no longer exposed but are coated. This can make it much harder for the substance to stain.

The other main reason is simple: It’s beautiful. No matter what type of sealant you choose, it will have the effect of preventing dirt from getting trapped in huge pores, simply because it reduces the size of those pores. Not only does this mean that the floors look cleaner, but they’re actually easier to clean.

If you have a granite or marble surface you want to seal, then you’re likely looking for a clear sealant that will let the natural stone shine. On the other hand, if you have concrete, pavers, or other types of stones, you may want to choose an enhancing sealant. This provides a glossy look and can even be tinted to add a color of your choosing.

Do you need to seal your stone? There’s an easy way to tell

If you’re not sure if your stone needs to be sealed, try the water test. Essentially, you drip a little bit of water on the stone. Let it sit for ten minutes and then blot the area dry. If you see that the stone has become dark where the water was, then you know that a tiny bit of water was absorbed. If the stone goes back to its original color in a few minutes then you don’t need to seal it. However, if it stays darker then you need to call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 right away.