Natural Stone Polishing 101: Learn How and Why It Can Improve Your Stones

If you have any type of natural stone in your home or business then it’s high time you began to understand just why stone polishing can be so helpful. Keep reading to discover more about the options and the advantages. Then contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for your personalized estimate.

Professional stone polishing doesn’t require any product

If you’re polishing wood or silver, it’s necessary to use a product to get it completely polished. This is not true when you have your natural stone polished. Whether it’s travertine, terrazzo, or marble, using products like wax or polish can actually make the stones worse. Why? Because they’ll end up with a layer of buildup that prevents you from seeing the natural beauty of your stone. Plus, it’ll collect dirt, dust, and grime faster.

Polishing involves a process – not a polish

When we discuss polishing, we don’t mean adding polishing to stone, we are referring to a process of polishing. First we start by getting rid of any stains, scratches, dull spots, or tech marks. Then we get rid of any buildup that’s been caused by waxes or other surface treatments used in the past. Next we restore the original finish to your stone, which actually brightens the entire room thanks to the new shine on your stone. Finally, we tighten the surface of the pores of your stone to ensure that it’s easier to properly clean and maintain your stone in the future.

Our unique polishing process offers the best results

Due to the many years that we’ve been working with natural stone, those of us at Fuller Stone Care have come up with the best polishing processes. Each treatment plan is specific for each stone and what it may needs. However, the process often includes:

  • Grinding. This gets rid of light surface stains and scratches. We use the right diamond abrasive compound for your unique type of stone. This is a dustless process that ensures even results and doesn’t miss low corners as other companies often do.
  • Polishing. We use a unique nano abrasive compound to polish your stone to the right finish, whether it’s a high gloss or honed.
  • Preventative care plans. In some cases, depending on the variety of stone you have and how you use it, we may recommend future plans to help your stone keep its shine. This may include treatments to prevent algae or mildew, or sealing that keeps your porous stones from staining and / or etching.

If you’re ready for your free quote and to find out how you can best get your stone in the best condition it’s ever been in, then you’re ready to contact Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972. We look forward to hearing from you, learning about your needs, and coming up with the best possible solution for you.