Is Your Natural Stone Stained or Dull? Don’t Replace It – Restore It

We get questions like this all the time: Is it possible to restore my old natural stone? Or should I just replace it? The answer is pretty simple – if you work with the right company, you absolutely can restore your natural stone. However, you must work with a contractor who specializes in this field. Other companies may do a great job cleaning, but they lack the knowledge, tools, and unique products that are needed for natural stone.

Read on to learn more about the process of restoring stone and what you can expect when you work with Fuller Stone Care. Then reach out to us at 855-205-0972 so we can learn more about your particular needs.

We work with all types of stone

No matter what type of stone you need restored, you can count on Fuller Stone Care. We’ve been specializing in stone restoration services since 1993 and we know how to deal with any stone, and any type of issue. Whether your stone is chipped, dirty, stained, dull, or cracked, we’re here to help. Some of the types of stones we regularly work on include travertine, marble, terrazzo, slate, granite, flagstone, and limestone. We can also help restore concrete and pavers.

We can clean your stone

In most cases, the first step we take is to clean the stone. We use a pressure washing equipment adjusted to the right temperature and pressure for the specific surface we’re working with. This cleaning process can get rid of residue from other surface treatments, dirt, mildew, algae, and other debris that’s preventing your stone from looking its best.

We can remove stains

You may be surprised to learn that some spots you thought were just water marks or dirt are actually stain. Once your stones are thoroughly clean, it’s easier to see what’s a stain and what’s not. We have several methods for cleaning stains, depending on the type and severity of the stain. Some options include lifting them out of the stone with specialized products or using diamond abrasive compounds to buff them out.

We can repair cracks and chips

No matter how serious the imperfections are, whether they’re simple surface issues are more significant cracks and chips, our experienced techs are here to help. Once again, the right treatment varies based on the type of stain and what needs to be repaired. Some options include polishing the stone or using a high-quality epoxy tinted to exactly match your stone.

Sealing keeps your stone looking great for years to come

You don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of restoring stone today only to have to do it again a year from now. The best way to keep your stone from staining, dulling, or otherwise being damaged is to have it sealed. After we’ve completed all cleaning, polishing, and restoration services, we can move on to the phase in which we polish your stone to keep it in good shape for years to come. Call Fuller Stone Care at 855-205-0972 for your free estimate.